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Okay, back to happy times. · 3:53pm May 21st, 2014

Sorry if I'm going overboard with the blog posts, but I'm trying to clear out the emo and get my life back on the happy track. So far it's going well, just getting really busy.

I've started writing again, which is a plus. Slow but sure progress. I need to clean up the Chapter Tracker, so I'll do that once I get a good amount to show off done. My biggest goal at the moment is to get the next chapter of Step Up, Don't Suck out. I'm also working on an addendum to Stars Over Manehattan that'll be mostly feels fluff, but I hope you enjoy.

And oh, I am struggling with Room 213. So many ideas on how to end it, some super happy and others that would warrant the addition of the 'Tragedy' tag. It could fall either way, so... suspense!

I look forward to getting everything done probably about as much as you would all like to read it. I wish I knew ways to write faster or to just get super motivated on the fly. If you know any such techniques, I will love you forever to post them in a comment.

However, I do not wish to leave you all empty handed. Here's a small scene involving You X Spitfire that's unedited and too short to make its own story. [SFG Rating: Cheeky] Hope it holds you until I can get something substantial done.

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EdelweiƟ motivational writing strategy of awesomeness: first of all, plan ahead. As unartistic as it may sound, it really does help you get things done if you force yourself to write. Next, you need to have a general Idea of what your going to write about. Since you're struggling with Ideas, my personal opinion would be to tell you that many, many people would be quite distraught if something tragic happens at the end, but if that is your final choice, then by all means write what you feel necessary. Finally, for inspirational purposes, I find it easy to watch episodes with the pony in question in it. Since you're using a backgrounder, this is made a bit difficult, so you could make it a task to watch some fan-made vids or read someone elses fan fiction involving 'Tavi. And of course if forcing yourself to write makes the story awful, then you can always scrap what you don't want, nothing is set in stone (for example, in LoB, I originally had Lyra and Bon-bon already together, but, a couple chapters later, I decided to change this.)

And whatever you do: DON"T WRITE WHILE TIRED! That's how my Trixilee fanfic came about, and the results of that are a bit obvious.

Hope this helps! And as always, even if it takes forever, we will wait for you, Mr. Gears, we will wait.

Thanks for the advice, but... "Don't write while tired" might be hard to do with my current schedule.

2138013 It is possible to write while tired, but if you notice your thoughts starting to get a bit...lacking, or that your dragging things on for too long in a certain scene, that's usually a good sign that you need stop.

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