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Hello, I'm 007. I'm a brony (obviously) from the USA. I'm 20 and I enjoy Music, Video Games and Nightclubs. And I'm the #1 Sunset Shimmer fan. As well as the #1 Equestria Girls fan!

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Bad News · 4:59am May 20th, 2014

So, yeah. Bad news you guys. I am quitting fanfic writing, it's been weeks, I have no ideas for My Summer's Sunset, any other fic ideas I have are horrible. I'm just done. This hobby isn't fun anymore and I don't really enjoy it anymore.

My Summer's Sunset is on indefinite hiatus until I can find someone to finish it for me.

Sorry guys.

Deep Apologies,

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Well that stinks, :applejackunsure:

Well, why not have there be conflict where Sunset isn't quite so caught up with the whole "magic of friendship" deal and he has to help her through her troubles, alongside the Mane 6's human counterparts? Maybe throw in some more conflict by having one of the Mane 6 get feelings for him? Plus, the whole pony with a human conflict, too.

But, whatever, i'm probably just rambling on in the hopes that you'll continue. Whatever makes you happy, man, that's all that matters.


There's no need to apologize. if you don't want to write anymore, that's your choice, and yours alone. Though I will say that I'll miss your work.

Good luck on whatever else you decide to spent your time on.

Well that's a shame. I kinda feel the same way myself, and am also considering it.
Good luck in your future endeavors!

Well that suck, but we can't force you to continue.
You will be missed.
Good luck in the future.

Cya dude, good luck in the non-pony world.

like everyone else says that sucks :raritydespair:
what I say that sucks :applecry:
what they say good luck :pinkiesad2:
what I say if you want somebody to finish your story im the man
If you'll let me I can finish my summer's sunset for you I have plenty of Idea's and adopted idea's by the people who comment on your stuff
if you don't think it's a good idea fine nvm
but if you would like me to try mail me with subject "cupcakes" sound good? :ajsmug:
also dude im sry it didn't work out for you I hope you can still enjoy fimfiction and all the stories in it and thx for trying

You ok dude?

No, seriously, are you ok? You kinda were posting about depression two blog posts ago, and then you couldn't think up of any ideas, and now you're quitting writing. If you're still depressed about stuff, we're all here for you. If you need to vent, just type it out. Make a blog post, PM me, write a story about it, whatever. I know the internet may not be the best forum for this kind of thing, but you have to remember: People care about you. People care about your existence and that you're here in this modern day and that you're still alive. Don't stop moving forward. It's easy to lose yourself within your feelings. Find yourself within you and never, ever let go.

We're here for you, man.

I've got your back.


That semi-works. But I never gave Sunset any conflict, really, other than the magic of friendship crap.

NO! I get enough shit cause people think this is a self-insert fic, if one of the mane 6 falls for him this fic will get downvoted to oblivion.

But the pony with a human conflict is worth exploring...But putting it to words just doesn't happen...




I might let you finish the story for me, PM me with your ideas and we'll discuss it.

Thanks, but I never read fics anymore anyway, I just wrote. *shrug*


I'm just under so much stress and this story is adding so much more...I wanted this story to be perfect and instead I wrote myself into a hole I can't write myself out of, then all the negative comments about it being a self-insert fic (WHICH IT FUCKING ISN'T!) I still can't write myself out of this hole, and everytime I think about this story I start to cry because I want it to be great, but I just can't seem to write anything for it.

It's just so much stress and I've reached my breaking point.

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