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So I wrote yet another story... · 11:16am May 18th, 2014

...and this one is tagged as incomplete. Surprise, surprise, woo. It isn't a true multi-chaptered fic and is really only a series of one-shots, but I actually don't have any more of the chapters written out. This is a bit strange for me, because normally I'd wait until I finished everything before posting. However, at this time I really don't have the patience to write five more chapters without publishing, given my rather sporadic writing schedule, and I may or may not want to divert my attention to other ideas anyway. So here you go, my first incomplete story (which isn't even a super original one either, bleh). There will be more in the (hopefully) near future.

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Oh, nice! I really like reading all of those 'What if the Sonic Rainboom never happened' stories (even though I've already read thousands of them). But I want to see your take on it; I'll probably read it soon, yay!:yay:


Are they really that common? In my experience, I've seen maybe four stories exploring the consequences of the Sonic Rainboom not happening.

Well, at least I stumble on a lot. But then for example, read this fanfic.
The description doesn't sound like what it turns out to be, doesn't it?


:trixieshiftright: Well, that was certainly different, probably the most unique take on this concept that I've seen. My personal favorite, though, would have to be The Fluttershy Effect, by banjo2E. It's a shame that it's been practically abandoned, however...

Isn't it?

It's such a shame that some stories get cancelled just like that...

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