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Well, one crisis has been averted. · 4:00pm May 28th, 2012

If you recall my first blog post from... what, twenty years ago now?... I said I was looking for an outlet for my creative energy. At the time, I meant just writing a story. Which, with my attention span, would probably have been a simple one-shot. I've no doubt I could do it, too - I've written enormous comments on this site, sometimes without even trying, that could easily have been stories themselves if FIMFiction would allow that. I doubt they would, of course, and I'm not stupid enough to try. Plus, I've read enough stories, both here and in published literature, to know what works and what doesn't.

But I think what I'm actually exerting my creative force on may be more worthwhile.

For one thing, I'm one of the editors of Fan/fic/ Theater 3000, a ponyfic riffing project that's so far done The Conversion Bureau and the original edit of Past Sins (both of which predate my arrival). Right now we have several other stories in the comment-voting process (which I'm not part of; bluh), which include obvious victims like Cupcakes, My Little unicorn: Magic is Believing, and Sweet Apple Massacre. The stories mentioned in that document are ones open for comments from basically whoever wants to leave one.

For another, I'm proofreading a few chapters of RatherHomely's own MST series here on FIMFiction (which, yes, has the F/F/T3K riffs as guest submissions). By the way, RH, if you ever see this (psh, as if), I definitely haven't forgotten about them, and they're being checked for spelling and grammar as we speak.

The third project I've got going, unrelated entirely to any MST work, is a collaborative effort with myself; RingmasterJ5, F/F/T3K forerunner and member of Under the Bridge; and KillJoy, the author of, among other things, Three of Me: School Society (which I readily admit to not being a huge fan of). I'm not 100% sure how much KJ wants divulged about it, since he's the mastermind behind this one, so I'll leave it at that. But it's the first major project of any kind that I've played a role in planning that's actually gonna be seen by several other people beyond those I know personally (well, if you pretend I never mentioned F/F/T3K). I'm hopeful and confident that it'll be well-received, but even if it's not, I'm far too excited about it. As for any real news about it, I leave that entirely to KillJoy.

Just wanted to vent that little bit of excitement before I started expressing it out loud and getting weird stares from my family. We now return you to whatever shenanigans you had planned for the day.

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