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Just a fan of fun stories, looking to enjoy them, and when I can finally grab enough time for myself write them once more!

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  • 314 weeks
    News Update: 11/15/2016

    You may have been wondering where I've been and why my stories haven't updated, I truly apologize for my absence but, sadly I've been rendered homeless since my last blog post and haven't had much time to do more than read stories over spotty WiFi connections at the various shelters I've been staying at... it's made keeping in contact with friends a real nightmare.

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  • 389 weeks
    Emergency, please donate or pass the word on!

    At 9:45 AM Tomorrow Morning, my family needs to vacate our apartment, we don’t have the funds necessary to afford somewhere else to live, this isn’t a joke we really really need money to find somewhere else to live even if it’s a crappy motel PLEASE HELP!

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  • 405 weeks
    Appologies and a contest

    I am sorry everyone, and I must admit I feel terrible of life getting in my way of doing... things, with writing. But, yes I'm having an issue with trying to come up with the next chapter of pretty much all of my stories and this is where you all come in.

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  • 416 weeks
    Appologies and an Update

    For those who've been waiting for the next chapter of the Vogonverse story, as well as any of the other stories that are not currently on Hiatus I feel the need to apologise once more for my lackluster focus due to the way my life's been recently. I've mainly been spending all my time RPing on Tumblr, playing World of Warcraft, or other various games between bouts of job hunting and the like.

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  • 422 weeks
    Sorry for the delay on Twilight's Vogon story

    I'd like to go ahead and apologize for the delay in Twilight's story as well as my other stories, I've recently started a new job and can't delegate as much time as I used too to writing, though what I do get tends to go towards RPing. So, I'll put some time aside this weekend to crank out a new chapter, that's a promise.

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Chapter 10 Announcement! · 7:47am May 14th, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen of the Fimfiction Community, as a thanks for helping me already climb to 100+ Favorites/500 + Views/100+ Likes I'd like to announce that chapter 10 will be hosting a Q&A chapter! Mainly as I'm starved for ideas of what to do at the moment and I need help breaking my writers block. Which is where YOU can help!

No question is too Raunchy if aimed at the right character, then again pretty much every character in the story besides the crossovers and the Ponyvillians has been at least a half demon. So send in your questions, place them below, put them in the story comments, ask thine questions and thou shalt receive thine answers!

Thanks everyone who's been around for the nine chapters so far and I hope that you'll enjoy the next one as the reason it's so late is because I'm trying to make chapters longer, had a few complaints about them being too short with too many transitions. So to pass the time I thought this Q&A would be fun for you guys as you'll be getting an interlude chapter and then soon after the next bit of story.

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