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  • 315 weeks

    As the title states, this account is dead. I have just lost interest in writing stories and reading them thus I'm leaving fimfiction, see you whenever that is if we ever meet again. Feel free to continue or redo any of my stories.

    Once again I'm sorry.

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  • 317 weeks
    What is with these Java updates!?

    I try opening a story link and random java links pop up!

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  • 320 weeks
    The Lone Survivor Movie....

    I don't mean to sound like an offensive bastard, but who else smiled and laughed inwardly as the Taliban gone their asses handed to them by the AC-130 and Apaches?

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  • 323 weeks
    Well, that was interesting.

    Just got done Skypeing with creep who thinks I'm a hormone driving guy that wants to watch porn! \

    1: I'm not that type of guy.
    2: Why do these kind of people exist?
    3: I have no interest in sexual activity.

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  • 324 weeks
    How in the hell is this name not taken yet. . .

    Changed my name to a simple 4 letter word meaning Technology and it isn't taken? I guess I'm lucky then.

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Something I Typed Up · 5:02am May 12th, 2014

I sat there, leaning on a tree as a dull pain came from by chest. My eyes open, as they gazed into the sky. The suns rays shone through the green leaves of the trees surrounding me. The blue sky with clouds dotting it seemed breathtaking, it's strange. . . how we ignore everyday things and we forget what beauty they hold. The wind blew through the valley, making the tree branches swing. I listen closely to nature's lullaby, encouraging me to sleep.

'But. . . but I'm not ready!' I yelled in my head. I tried to get up, but my body remained paralyzed. Slowly I looked down to find a large hole in my chest. 'H-how. . .' I thought before I remembered, the war. The fighting, the yelling, the crying, hatred and bloodshed. I had been fighting my enemies before I was shot, blowing my chest out. Tears ran down my cheeks as I sat there, unable to move as I stared at my bloodied uniform. Its digital camouflaged pattern stained by the crimson liquids.

My mind was racing, but it slowly began to slow down. I was realizing that I was going to die, but I wasn't ready. I am only 19 years old and I'm already going to die?! How is my family going to react? Mother was most likely waiting for me, waiting for her little soldier to come marching home.

He never will.

I began to sob, knowing that my mother was now alone. My father had died when I was only 4, murdered in cold blood for only the money in his wallet. How was she going to live on, knowing that her one an only son was gone. It was heart wrenching, that is if my heart was still intact.

The sound of footsteps caught my ear, maybe it was my killer coming back to finish the job? As I scanned around my eyes landed on, a pony? In front of me stood an orange pony with blonde hair with a cowboy hat, three red apples on its flank. It's green eyes stared right into my blue, it was full of surprise and fear, but all that disappeared when it noticed my condition. It stared at my wound with horror, it soon locked gazes with me, its eyes full of sadness and pity.

Ever so slowly it trotted over before sitting down next to me. We once again stared at each other, gaining the strength I lifted my arm. It flinched at my movement, but didn't see it as a threat. I weakly held it out towards it, my hand open trying to reach out. It stared at my open palm before hesitantly putting its hoof in it, I wrapped my fingers around it. It once again flinched, but it calmed down when I began rubbing its hoof with my fingers. That was the last thing I felt before my arm grew numb. I didn't even feel the impact as it fell to the ground.

Its eyes began to water as it looked at me once more, tears rolling freely down its cheeks, but I gave it a weak smile, trying to say it was OK. Ever so slowly my body fell numb, I turned my attention to the sky once more. The birds sang, the wind gently blew against the trees, and I was ready. I welcomed death with open arms, my vision began to fade and a warmness began to fill me. Death had taken me, and guided me to heaven.

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