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Hello, I'm 007. I'm a brony (obviously) from the USA. I'm 20 and I enjoy Music, Video Games and Nightclubs. And I'm the #1 Sunset Shimmer fan. As well as the #1 Equestria Girls fan!

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I'm about to lose my $#!T here. · 2:24am May 12th, 2014

^This has been me all day.

I've been sitting here, staring at my screen, trying to write Chapter 3 of "My Summer's Sunset" And I have diddly dick! This writer's block is seriously pissing me off. And I am about to wreck shit. I have one or two minor ideas but not enough to write a whole chapter, barely enough for a paragraph, honestly.


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Who doesn't hate writer's block?

Welcome to my life of writing fanfics... :ajsleepy:

I'm dealing with the same thing with my fics.

We all have it. I try to plan ahead on the stories I write before starting at least.

:applejackunsure:I can understand your problem. Here's my secret for getting past this vast problem.

:trixieshiftleft:You say you have one or two ideas at the ready, :trixieshiftright:but you feel it's not enough. What I would do is look over what I've already got, find out the third idea that works best, and :raritystarry:voila!

:twilightsmile:I do hope this helps.


I did plan ahead, I lost most of what I had planned due to depression though.


Well, I've tried to expand on the few ideas I have, but I can't really expand on them, the ideas themselves are just short scenes. :fluttercry:

ok I got an idea of w you can avoid this (or at least being late and pissing off your fans) write three chapters of a story, if its a really detailed one release them a month at a time, if its a quick 3-9 chapter thing that isn't too detailed, a week at a time then it gives your brain a little rest

2105330 3 chapters ahead of releasing*

2103265 PM me about the issue, and I can try to lend a helping hand/hoof.

I have a little writer's block as well. As if I didn't have to deal with a computer virus, algebra exams, freaky weather, and a million other things that I'm not going to put so I don't waste your time. :ajsleepy:

Seriously, though, if I wrote down every single thing that has (sort of) prevented me from updating my fanfic, this comment would take up maybe half the page, maybe even more than that. The list is LOOOOOOOONG. :twilightoops:


Not a bad idea. I will use this process. :duck:


Will do. :scootangel:


Well I had quite a few ideas, then depression made me forget them. Should have written them down, but I'm an idiot so I didn't. :facehoof:

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