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    Chapter Ten: Grind - 100% Complete

    Word Count: 13,000

    And done! Just needs to get edited, should be up later today or tomorrow.

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    Tvtropes Page

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Hilariously Terrible · 6:50pm May 11th, 2014

I know you all are waiting patiently and in some cases impatiently but I just had to share with all of you something I just recently discovered. It's a search engine called Gizoogle, it's like google but it makes the text... different to say the least.

Here, try reading my story through it

Gizoogled OOTO

It's like a parody now, only I never needed to do anything. If you are having trouble try placing this: http://www.gizoogle.net/xfer.php?link=http://, before the page you are trying to look at.

Report Legionary · 1,354 views · Story: Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore ·
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With URLs that all ready have the HTTP://, you don't need that. URLS that lack the www., you will need to add on. In short, the URL must be complete, and not the lazy short version.

Oh god my eyes! :fluttershbad:

I wonder... if you put a shitty enough fic through it would it come out better?

This is one of the funniest things ever.

2101252 Like I said, hilariously terrible :derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Look at what it did to Pinkie's Rapping history of the Wonderbolts:

[Pinkie Pie]
[beatboxing, turntable scratchin noises]
Well, back up in ancient times, there was tha Wonderboltz of old
A general named Firefly, dunkadelic n' so...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]

[Pinkie Pie]
Bitch brought dem all together, spreadin unity...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
In flight!

[Pinkie Pie]
Performin at they straight-up dopest wit wonder...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
And wit might!

[Pinkie Pie]
Therez Admiral Fairweather n' tha Colonel Purple...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]

[Pinkie Pie]
Gave Wonderbolts a lil' bit of steel along with...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
Lotz of heart!

[Pinkie Pie]
An admiral named Fairy Flight n' general called...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]

[Pinkie Pie]
Helped tha 'bolts fly supa high...
[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
With steez n' panache!

[Pinkie Pie]
Commander Easyglider was tha real cream of...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
Da crop!

[Pinkie Pie]
For wit her wicked moves, tha Wonderbolts...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]
Soared ta tha top!

[Pinkie Pie]
Wonderbolts, yeah! Wonderbolts...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]

[Pinkie Pie]
Wonderbolts, yeah! Wonderbolts...

[Pinkie Pie, Goldengrape, n' Dr yo. Hooves]

[Pinkie Pie]
That is mah rappin' history of tha Wonderbolts!

2101506 Other then a few grammar things the only thing it did was make her swear once :facehoof:

2101884 Can only imagine what it would be like to read the whole story like this, I can barely get through one chapter. :facehoof::derpytongue2:

This is the most awesome translation I have ever read!

Holy biscuit! :pinkiegasp:

Man that was hilarious, its almost like my friend try to imitate thugs talk :rainbowlaugh:

2103597 It adds sentences occasionally as well and can be surprisingly good at placing them :rainbowlaugh: Honestly I am afraid to look at the later chapters and reading Celestia's dialogue with this :twilightoops:


I can't imagine how Celestia will sounds with her serene voice with these....thugs talk :rainbowlaugh:



Oh lawd, this is too good. :rainbowlaugh:
I thank you for finding this internet gem, I am definitely going to prefer using this to google from now on.

2110814 It doesn't always load the page using the engine so you may have to manually use the code in the address bar a lot of times

Yeah, I've discovered that so far, shame. Oh well, still is awesome! I'm definitely going to be rereading some of my own stuff through this thing now! (I hope you don't take offense to this, but I found the gizoogled version of your story funnier than the original.)

*Sees OOTO parody story and reads it* Dear God... this... this is amazing! :derpyderp2:

You should replace the original OOTO with this version for like, a day or two, just to mess with people who haven't read this blog :trollestia:

Make sure to say it's permanent, just for laughs :twilightsmile:

2112717 Oh I don't know, it just seems so terrible :derpytongue2:

Ohmy god!!! This is just- :rainbowlaugh:

2103637 You have inspired me. Here's her lines in chapter 3, Gizoogled.

“Emerald Gleaner… why do you fear me son?” Da Supa-Hoe axed n' looked pained when Oskar flinched at her voice. “Yo ass have not a god damn thang ta fear from me lil Emerald… up in fact it is I dat should be afraid of facin yo thugged-out ass.”

“Yes yes y'all, dear Emerald Gleaner.” Celestia holla'd wit deeply saddened eyes. “I consider tha game you was forced ta live up in mah own mackdaddydom a utter n' unforgiveable failure on mah part. Da fact you was orphaned is wack enough on its own but addin dat you was somehow not brought ta tha Canterlot Nationizzle Orphanage ta be cared for, constipated n' hopefully adopted a shitty crime up in itself.”

“Yo ass should not have had ta live dis game Emerald.” Celestia continued while also noticin how tha fuck calm tha unicorn before her had become, n' was straight-up aiiight fo' dat shit. “And I swear I'ma do all dat I can ta make up dis fuck up ta yo thugged-out ass. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Startin wit suttin' everypony takes fo' granted yet yo ass is without, a ejaculation.”

“No mah lil pony.” Celestia replied wit a smile. “I do believe yo ass is far too oldschool ta be placed wit tha foals. Instead I shall gotz a tutor assigned ta yo thugged-out ass.”

“Yes yes y'all.” Celestia confirmed ta tha Evolved’s surprise. “I do believe mah dear hustla Twilight Sparkle shall cook up a pimpin tutor fo' yo thugged-out ass.”

“I would gotta disagree wit you Twilight.” Celestia smiled at her hustla. “After all, at a gangbangin' far mo' tender age you was not only takin care of Spike but schoolin his ass single hoofed. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! And you was most certainly still peepin' subjects from tha academy, not tha mo' advanced subjects I personally taught you up in later years.”
“So you see…” Celestia continued. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! “I be mo' than Kool & Tha Gang yo big-ass booty is ghon not only be able ta give tha ejaculation Emerald Gleaner so rightly deserves but learn tha lessons I still gotta teach you as well.”

“I’m shizzle by tha time yo ass is finished, Emerald here is ghon be able git all up in any universitizzle of her choosing.” Celestia stated ta tha delight of her hustla before turnin her attention back towardz Oskar. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. “And you have yet ta tell me why you fear me so, mah lil pony. Please, I wish only ta know what tha fuck wack I have done ta incite such wack fear up in one of mah own subjects so dat I may right dat shit.” Celestia almost mournfully assured when her big-ass booty saw Oskar’s eyes widen fear once again.

“My fuckin dear Emerald Gleaner…” Celestia holla'd afta nuzzlin Oskar. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. “I would never feel dat way bout one of mah own subjects, no matter what tha fuck they were, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin' thru fo'sho. Everypony is dear ta me, ta betray they trust up in me though such pettinizz fo' they station… is unfathomable ta mah dirty ass fo' realz. And ta rap tha real deal I highly doubt tha nobilitizzle would treat you up in such a gangbangin' fashizzle once they saw yo thugged-out ass.” To Celestia dat shiznit was mo' likely tha bachelor noblez would start ta compete fo' tha lil' beauty’s hoof n' ass, rather than rudely snub her off as holla'd unicorn thought.

“Well I’m glad we was able ta move beyond dis shit.” Celestia smiled all up in tha smalla pony. “And I be most certainly aiiight ta peep you have managed ta grill tha dark shiznit of Everfree without a scratch, Twilight was inconsolable when dat dunkadelic hoe thought dat freaky freaky biatch had lost a newly made but dear playa.”

“Before you was ridin' solo n' nopony else knew you well enough ta know ta be concerned bout what tha fuck you did wit yo' game.” Celestia stated wit a nod. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! “But now you do gotz a gangbangin' playa Emerald n' a wound was torn deep tha fuck into her ass when dat dunkadelic hoe thought you gone alllll muthafuckin day.”

“And dat be all everypony wants I’m sure.” Celestia answered wit a soft smile. “It’s time I moonwalked back ta Canterlot; I came expectin ta gotta git all up in a gangbangin' funeral… I’m glad I was pissed tha fuck off. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type'a shiznit happens all tha time. But before I leave, Twilight I wish fo' you ta give me weekly reports on Emerald’s ejaculation up in addizzle ta dem you already send.”

This is tha dopest Thin I have peeped all month :trollestia:

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