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  • 243 weeks
    Shoutout to a friend of mine

    A friend of mine just published his very first story. It's a humanized clopfic, with some pretty rough kinks, but if you think that's your kind of thing, here's the link


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  • 294 weeks
    Comission shoutout

    So, there's this fic I comissioned a while back. A thing that I half want to accept as my own headcanon and the other half really refuses to do so. It's a sad fic, and I figured I'd share it here, in case anyone would be interested in seeing what ideas my mind spawns. This is also the only one of my most recent comissions that isn't of 'special' content :twilightsheepish:

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  • 299 weeks
    Happy horse year to all!

    And may the horse be with us.

    I'm actually turning in early tonight. I'm tired as hell, and I already celebrated new year (kinda) yesterday because two of my friends were going on a vacation today.

    So yeah, let's leave this shitty music killing year behind us. And prepare yourself for the shitty music killing year ahead of us :p

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  • 337 weeks
    Four years of pones

    So, on this day, it's been four years since I've signed up to this site. Within that time, I've read hundreds of stories, I've even written four of my own and I made a ton of friends.

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  • 354 weeks
    23th birthday

    Okay, so today is my 23th birthday, and according to a friend of mine, that's the exact age where you become old, so excuse me while I go outside to yell at some kids to get off of my lawn.

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Ask Me Anything · 6:59pm May 8th, 2014

Because why not?

Ask me whatever you'd like to know and I'll try to answer it as truthfully and complete as possible.

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If you had 17 dollars and 4 minutes and 36 seconds to spend the 17 dollars, and you were in a store that sold mental talents such as; drawing skills, sewing skills, and basically any skill you can think of and each of them cost 12 dollars, which one would you buy and what would you do with the remaining money? The next store over is a famous sweets shop. They sell chocolates, icecream and popsicles for just the right amount of money for you to buy one. Which one do you choose? :moustache:

Oh shit, it starts with a tough one.

If with choosing for drawing skills also comes enough skill so it doesn't take too long, then I'd choose that. If not, then I'd probably go for gaming skills :p

I'd buy Ferrero Rocher

I'm gonna tentavely say yes, with possiblity of denying any question :ajsmug:

If Applejack and Rainbow Dash were both turned into hermit crabs and transported to a world where hermit crabs were the favorite food of the locals, and the only way to survive until they were located, brought back, and changed back was to wear a tandem stag beetle costume (since stag beetles are revered and not to be harmed in this world), which one would control the thorax and which would control the abdomen? They can't switch it up either, because once they put on the costume, they can't get out of it until they're turned back into ponies.

Applejack the thorax and Rainbow the abdomen

Harry went out to dinner with his friends Larry, Barry, and Gary. Harry sat across from Gary. At Gary's right, opposite Barry, sat Larry. When the waiter came for their orders, Larry and Barry ordered steak. Gary chose fish, and Harry (who likes to be difficult) ordered like this: "Unless the man at the left of the man opposite the man who ordered fish is not having what the man across from the man at the right of the man at my left is having, then I'll have what the man across from the man at the right of the man opposite me ordered. Otherwise, bring me the fettucine alfredo." Assuming "right" and "left" is from the viewpoint of the diners, what did Harry order?

Also, what is your favorite color?

Philosophic question: If you died right now and found out there was a for sure after life and God was asking you whether you thought you deserved to go to Heaven, which starter would you choose, Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander?

Which would be worse: A bored Twilight or a curious Pinkie Pie?

Favourite color is Blue
I'd pick charmander. Everyone knows that Charizard is the bomb. (Especially with mega-evolutions in the mix)
A curious Pinkie Pie is definitly worse

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