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I need to get something straight for this story · 8:44pm May 7th, 2014

A lot of readers have been talking about the romance in the story. A few have said that having a relationship between Sora and Fluttershy wouldn't happen, or that it would be "one-sided". One thing everyone has to remember is that it has not be confirmed that Sora and Kairi are a couple in the Kingdom Hearts series. The developers have hinted at a relationship between the two, but all in all, they are not together in the romantic sense. They may become a couple in Kingdom Hearts III, but in the time of my story, they are not.

Basically, I'm writing to confirm that a Sora and Fluttershy paring will be a thing in my story, as well as a few other pairings. Sora and Kairi will not have a romantic relationship. I understand that this doesn't make a lot of people happy, and I respect all my readers and try to incorporate what they want to see, but this is something that I will not, under any circumstances, change. I apologize if I seem abrupt or angry, I just want to be clear about this, and end all bickering about the romance portion of the story. Just remember that it isn't the main focus, and that this is fanfiction, so changes are going to happen, no matter how accurate the story is to the original.

On a lighter note, I was featured (though quite briefly)!

This would be the first time any of my stories got featured, so I feel pretty good. You should have seen me, I was pretty much dancing with hushed cheers to not seem like a weirdo. I have all of you to thank for reading my story and making it come this far. I won't post something like this every time it gets featured, but having my story on display makes me immensely happy. Thank you all again!

Comments ( 9 )

It IS confirmed that they love each other in Kingdom Hearts. The Paopu Fruit is said to only be ate by two people whom WANT to share their lives eternally together. And it clearly showed that they wanted to give such to each other. That clearly points towards love type feelings. Not family, not friends. Love.

However, despite that complaint, the rest of your story is good enough for me to enjoy despite that issue. But, if you TRULY want to have it be a Sora/Fluttershy story, you'd best make it a good reason for him to start thinking about her more than Kairi, which will not be easy.

Gratz on the Feature! :yay:

I for one enjoy the romantic elements you're adding to the tale. All my favorite adventure stories have a little splash of :heart: to them; they're two themes that go extremely well together, and I think your pacing is a fair-sight better than a lot of fics that take it too fast or too slow.

2087087 Like I said, it's FANFICTION. I don't need to come up with some elaborate reason for Sora liking Fluttershy simply to make people happy. Why can't he just like her for being her? Plus, if they were to love each other with evidence being the Paopu Fruit, then wouldn't we have seen some indication in the later titles? Or a least some mention of it? Not saying your wrong, but for the sake of my story, think of it as a change a plans, hmm, yes? :trixieshiftright:

2087815 And thank you very much! I also like to read romance and adventure stories, so I like writing about them.

2088164 I'm not saying it's impossible for him to fall for Fluttershy.... but, though Kairi and Sora aren't technically together, it's shown time and time again how important she is to him throughout the series. So, for him to fall for Fluttershy, it'd require a good deal of events to change his feelings. What those events are would depend on you. But, you've been doing good at figuring out good scenes between them thusfar. You just seem to be rushing/forcing it by going too fast with it and not taking into account that he'd have conflicted feelings about it. It's still POSSIBLE.... just wouldn't be easy to occur.

2088684 Good point. I shall take your advice then. You have won this internet arguement! Now, let us eat cake! :pinkiehappy:

2089172 Glad I made my point. He'd likely at least be conflicted about it. But, over time.... well, things can change over time, eh?^_^

Hmm.... oh, by the way, out of curiosity, do you have Skype at all? Was wonderin' if we could talk some.^_^

2089183 But of course! I like chattin' with my readers. I'll PM you my Skype username.

2089189 Excellent.^_^ Though, to forewarn, I literally have no idea how long I'll have to talk. Waiting for my dad to call once he's decided what he wants my help with today, and he's been conflicted today between having me help at his car lott or whether or not to go do some hard work at my grandma's with repairing a fence whose posts have caused her fence to nearly lean into/break her new greenhouse. Bleh to either case, eh? XD But, till he calls, I have some free time.

Hmmmmm........... I'm ok with this. What's the point of fanfiction if you can't add the odd personal preference in it once in a while?

Refusing to kinda defeats the purpose wouldn't you say?

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