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What's that smell? Is it blood?!... No, it's a Snickers bar... But what is inside?

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It's time to get dark · 8:36pm May 7th, 2014

After the release of My Little Villains, it has been rather light and soft around me, wasn't it?

That's about to change. And Scootaloo will help me with that. She will never disappoint me. But in case she does...

Let's just say, she won't be having a good time.

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Comments ( 4 )

Why do I get a Binding of Issac feeling from your picture? Either way kind of looking forward to it.

Until then,

...welp, thats one image I won't be getting out of my head for a while...:unsuresweetie: and now I'm hungry:pinkiesmile:

Looks like will be getting something related to The Darkness, be it a crossover or sonething else...

Crap, Zargo-loo... I hope this does not kill her. How about a life-threatening Zargo-enchanted nightmare that she barely escapes? That idea will be good. Add the Bloody Hooves for effect.

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