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FiM Fiction (Collab) Review: Mother May I? · 6:02pm May 4th, 2014

Welcome back, internet travelers! As the post banner may suggest, we are spicing things up a little bit around here. You see, I love it when another critic wants to try something new with me so when Fantasia Archmage came to me looking to collab on a review, I quickly read up on his own reviews and decided “Why not?” So here we are! Head below the break to find our reviews on Moabite’s Mother May I? and make sure to check out some of Fantasia’s stuff as well!

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Mother May I? by Moabite
Complete! (Completed on 13th Feb 2012)

Derpy explains her medical condition to her daughter. Read it here.

Tags: Sad, Slice of Life - Rating: Everyone
Words: 1,558 words total

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Read FiM Fiction (Collab) Review: Mother May I? here.

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