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  • 401 weeks
    Carne Diem

    Yooo, what's the deal with this apparent dichotomy in fanfiction regarding ponies' reactions to carnivory? I don't know if it's a changing-of-the-guard in fanon, or if both "sides" are still present and active. The case is that I've seen a few authors these days writing their pony characters as being uncritical of meat-eaters and the eating/cooking of meat. Now, I'm okay with that viewpoint. But

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  • 406 weeks
    On "Angel"

    So I was thinking a bit about Fluttershy's bunny Angel. Specifically, does his name mean that ponies have the concept of angels as we know them?

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  • 409 weeks
    i'm super into scale now?

    so after seeing this pretty convincing chart a while ago, i've been passing a little time every now and then using its scale to determine the size of various features of equestria.
    suffice it to say, first and foremost, that satyrs are impossible.
    BUT! here's something i can share with you: a golden bit.

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  • 430 weeks
    haven't yet seen it, but...

    so did the tree library go to the ethereal void, watch a clip show with treelestia and then get transformed into a winged elm?

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  • 434 weeks
    Here's a joke for you

    Why is it called Equestria Girls drama instead of the human canon brawl?

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Here's a joke for you · 5:02pm Apr 22nd, 2014

Why is it called Equestria Girls drama instead of the human canon brawl?

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Comments ( 2 )

Because the sort of people who indulge in said drama enjoy being butthurt more than wordplay. Sadly.

2035116 Well that's more of a response than I usually get to one of these jokes. Thanks for being such a thoughtful, devoted conversant.

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