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Yeah... So I'm Alive For Those of You Who Care. · 10:33pm Apr 19th, 2014

How long has it been? Too long I suppose. But let's get down to business.

What's new: The summer was rather uneventful. I tried to get a job but didn't succeed. Then football season rolled around. This time we made it to the provincial finals. We lost. And well, yes I cried like a bitch. Got my license... A few weeks later I got a job at KFC. And now I am quitting said job, and hopefully getting a job at Adidas.

But what does this have to do with writing? I don't know. I've lost all drive. Even my reading has slowed down (basically to a stand still sometimes) I have an idea but lack the ambition. It's about Solaire from Darksouls. That's all I really have. The possibilities are rather endless seeing as no one has written one such fic. Only art has made an appearance for such things.

Ponies remain strong and true to my heart. And I have loved the new seasons. So I don't expect to be quitting the fandom (unlike SOME PEOPLE)

Perhaps I should get back on the writing horse, so to speak. For any of you who even read this, tell me. I'd be more than glad to hear.

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Comments ( 5 )

You're not dead? Well, that's news to me.

And why am I even editing a story that you seem to have cancelled? Get the heck in or back the heck out man.


Oh thank god, I was so worried about you.


Little edit here. Told my manager that I am quitting... I felt so bad for her, the look on her face... :fluttercry:


Well that's just mean of you to quit then.

2027162 I hated the job though. So meh.

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