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  • 249 weeks
    Removal of Chapter 3.5

    Now if you decided to reread chapter 3 of Aint it Fun, you will notice the disappearance of the link to chapter 3.5

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  • 253 weeks
    as if i already didn't have enough free time

    i did a thing

    yea i'm a talentless sack of potatoes sue me

    don't forget to send anon hate on your way out

    onto other stuff i guess

    working on the christmas fic, number one priority right now i guess. it'd be kinda weird posting it after christmas

    aint it fun continues production once i publish it. cause i unno.

    happy holidays and stuff

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  • 253 weeks
    i'm not dead

    happy birthmas

    i'm hopping on the christmas fic bandwagon too guise

    password is: "why"

    i love you k bye

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    Authors and Readers

    haven't ranted in a while so might as well

    about a month ago, this happened

    now while i do not encourage this behavior and i was somewhat disappointed, she has a point.

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  • 275 weeks


    So Pyromaniac's doing commissions and I thought I'd spread the word.

    Details are:

    Sketch- $1

    Inked- $3

    Flat color- $5

    Shade/highlights- $7

    Lineless- $15

    Solid or transparent background- +$0

    Simple background- +$1

    Detailed background- +$3

    Extra characters- +$2 per character

    Can do anything except for landscaping and NSFW.

    Where you can find her:

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Equestria (And other places) · 12:34pm Apr 14th, 2014

So. I'm working on a Fallout Equestria sidefic and I thought to myself, why not have a protagonists from somewhere new? (It's Canada.)

But some of you might ask yourselves, what other places are there Rip? Is Equestria not it?

Not exactly. Not in my opinion at least.

If you've seen the map of Equestria you'll know that it's nowhere near the size of a planet, not even a full nation. Which is why I believe that there are other countries and nations out there. All ponified versions of real countries.

Everywhere from Marexico to Caneighda.

Marelaysia to Saddle Arabia.

And if we use that logic, Equestria would be the pony equivalent of America.

Why am I saying this? I have no idea.


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Comments ( 3 )

Isn't Saddle Arabia canon? If I recall, it was mentioned in the Trixie episode of season 3.

2009094 Exactly my point.

Yay, Rippy! Go do the stuff with the things and make headcanons with the Fallouts and WHOOO!

I go sleep now.

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