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  • 405 weeks

    So I got in school one day and there was a new girl in my classes, she is the main reason for the lack of stories. I have slipped myself into a deep depression and am fighting suicidal thoughts because if half my family and best friend betray me then who's to say they wont betray me. Stories in the spring at the latest. Depends if I move back into my Dad's house. Miss you fimfiction and my

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  • 411 weeks
    Guess who

    I AM BACK EVERYPONY! I had a computer breakdown last summer so now that I have a new computer the story writing shall continue!

    Links: I bought an MPC and I made some more music. Follow me on my NEW soundcloud (Same account, different link)


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  • 430 weeks
    some links

    Check out my music on soundcloud

    Add my Crash Bandicoot account on facebook
    along with my vinyl scratch account on facebook

    Still working on the story along with a few others

    I have come up with a crash bandicoot fanfic with ponies from a few pictures i edited together

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  • 432 weeks

    ok so im still writing stories but im writing 2 at a time. the first is a triple story. a clopfic version, a creepypasta version and a casual fanfic version

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  • 433 weeks

    ok i dont know if you guys care about my stories but lots of people have been favoriteing (?) them, but i am working on another fanfic (maybe clopfic) but im taking my time on this one. thanks for patience

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Ideas · 12:07am May 21st, 2012

im thinking of making a new fanfic or clopfic (depends on how im feeling) and i need ideas. just a simple name could start me off. i have been listening to lots of dubstep lately so i wanna try to get vinyl scratch in the stories as much as i can. can anypony help me out?

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Comments ( 3 )

fuck yeah dubstep, if you want i can point you to some good dubstep

anyway you wanted vinly? do like her at the start of her life,like living in the slums and eating shit

126990 um... id rather not have vinyl eating shit

129300 LOL, you made me laugh!

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