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    Some say life imitates art. Others say it goes the other way around. Sometimes one can mimic the other completely unintentionally. Which has just happened with Philharmonic. I had a lot of the plot planned out beforehand and was in the process of joining the dots. But you can't account for everything and something dark I was planning for Octavia's backstory actually ended up occurring in the real

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    Philharmonic chapter 2 in progress

    So I finally got around to writing the second chapter of Philharmonic. When/if it gets published you might noticed a bit more detail as well as the story moving a little bit slower. The second chapter was originally going to be just Vinyl and Octavia on their trip to Ponyville but I postponed it in favour of some fleshing out a bit of Octavia's character/ backstory. Also if you were paying

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A question · 7:44pm Mar 26th, 2014

Why is okay for a fa homosexual to be proud of who they are but its not okay for a heterosexual? Why can a trann transgendered person be proud of that fact but someone who's cisgendered isn't allowed to be proud that they have a body that feels right? What about thin people? why do fat fucks need to be the victims? Why do they need to be protected and why are the people who are naturally skinny or actually work to keep themselves at a healthy weight are demonised for it. Why the goddamn hell should I feel ashamed because my parent's are able to remain monetarily sound? And finally, why are my problems invalidated because someone else's are worse? Does that mean that the man who has to watch his own father gradually forget everything's pain is selfish because somewhere a person is dying of AIDS? Is my crippling fear of heights childish and stupid because somewhere a person had a different, greater fear? If so, then your cause and your methods are a testament to your selfishness because people have fought for juster causes and gone to greater extremes for their views.

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