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A nerd who thought it would be cool to, with the help of a few equally insane buddies adapt the entire Marvel Universe (with some DC Comics thrown in for kicks) with My Little Pony...wish me luck

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Dammit writer's block · 2:39am Mar 25th, 2014

So yeah, I hit a writer's block in regards to X-Questrians.

Instead of wangsting about it, I'll just go and work on Captain Equestria, which is next on the schedule anyways.

So yeah, X-Questrians promised update isn't gonna happen just yet, but don't worry, it'll get updated just like everything else I write.

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Comments ( 6 )

have you seen the new trailer for Days of Futures Past?

1953333 Yes, but it didn't help with this story.

Sure it gave me fodder for future ideas maybe, but not for this one.

1953416 What happens this chapter?

Carrot wrecks some shit up, right?

1953417 And meets Cupcake for the first time.

It's one of those, should be simple but ends up being hard chapters.

1953427 because you have to compound action with this type of scene...

Well the Captain America movie is coming out next week anyway, so it would be a good idea to work in Captain Equestria until then. :pinkiehappy:

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