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Timbre Tone

Amature music composer and writer. MLP inspires me like it does so many others and I want to share with the community that has given me so much.

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  • 354 weeks
    Chorus of Lament OCs!

    Just a few little visual aides I threw together quickly in the pony creator for anyone interested in a better idea what the handful of OCs in my story look like.

    Fighter Flight

    Wind Shear

    Willow Wisp

    Keen Eye

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  • 357 weeks
    Release Date for Part 4! - Title Change! - I'm not dead!

    I doubt there are many people reading this, but in the off change you are, it's probably because you're one of a very small number of people who've been reading my one and so-far only fanfic, Friendship is Darkness: The Embrace.

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  • 405 weeks
    Work on Part 4 of Friendship is Darkness: The Embrace has continued!

    I'm back from Brony Con and ready to get back to work on my dark and twisted tale. I have also completed a comprehensive polish and revision of the first 3 parts as well. Nothing has changed plotwise, but I've added a bit more detail and cleaned up a lot of sections, especially the dialogue. It might be worth a re-read for anyone interested, but at nearly 30K words I'll understand if people would

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  • 412 weeks
    Going to BronyCon. Writing temporarily suspended.

    An exciting opportunity has presented itself to me. A good friend of mine has asked me to produce the background music for an MLP fan series that he and the production crew he's a part of are going to be presenting at a panel at BronyCon this August.

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  • 414 weeks
    Slowgoing. >_<

    A lot of side projects are creeping into my life. I haven't had too much time to really put good work into Part 4. Just would like to once again remind who ever out there who might be listening that I am still working on it, and it is still eventually happening. Hopefully you'll still be around when it's done.

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Status update! Still alive but progress is slow. · 2:51am Mar 24th, 2014

I've been slogging through some distractions that have been preventing me from really buckling down and getting some serious work done on part 3. I have about 2.5k words done so far, but along with being pretty rough cut I intend the part to be comparable in length the parts 1 and 2, which means it's still going to be a while before part 3 is ready.

Thank you all for your patience~! I promise I will make it worth it for all of you.

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Eager person trying not to get too giddy for the new update! :pinkiehappy:

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