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Families · 12:26am Mar 24th, 2014

What makes a family?

I think it's love.

Report Bad_Seed_72 · 3,572 views · #family #inspirational
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Comments ( 78 )

Oh god I think my heart just fucking exploded.

All very cute...but you are missing some MacDash in there. You went down in amazing points. Your score is no longer...wait for it...

OVER 9000!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Those are all great pics and all, but you forgot one last image: Dashie and her dad!


Don't think I can find any, though. :fluttershysad:



I really want to see a story out of some of those :heart:

The Sparity ones in particular and maybe the Gilda Dash. Any of the pictures with the kids really :ajsmug:

Also, you ducking buck, you killed my heart :ajbemused::ajbemused: I was not in the mood for those feels. Fuck you :pinkiecrazy::heart::ajsmug:

*cries internally*
That was beautiful. Thank you for making my eyes leak in the happiest ways.


I love you too. :ajsmug:

The Sparity and GilDash ones are pretty cute. :heart:

Love it! :yay:
Shame no Cheerimac or AppleSqueak :fluttercry:

Sweet, Merciful Lord! Are you just TRYING to give be diabetes!?!


No full family pic for AppleSqueak or Cheerimac but some kids for both (along with an Apple cousin):

Eh. Good enough. :pinkiesmile: Thank you.


Mebbe. :trollestia:


Thanks! It's one of my faves.


You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Goddamn you, Seed! You give me beetus!

For real, though, you picked some great art. The Sparkle Family one near the top and the Rarity family portrait are among my favorites. A few you missed, though:

And this is, I think, my all-time favorite:

Every time I see that one I get feels.


Dashie's so cute with her dad. :heart:


Awwwww, so cute. :pinkiehappy::heart: I recognize the second one as the pic that The Descendent commissioned at Bronycon.

God much adorableness in one blog post! My heart can't take it---- *collapses*

*Please revive*


Awwwwww. :heart: :rainbowkiss::eeyup:

You should upload these to Derpibooru. I could only find that picture I linked for a MacDash family.

And it's so metal!!!! :moustache:

Dear Faust the feels!!!!

My fav Dethklok song is Coffee Jingle :ajsmug:



Oh Celestia, the feels...

Oh god my browser crashed.
Damn you, Bad, making my computer burn down from all the feels!


Thanks, I needed that. :twilightsmile:

Family is more than bloodline. That's what I believe.

Well, that was a lovely assortment of fanart, featuring some interesting ships. Some of which I'm not too sure where the children came from.


oh god it's raining in my eyes somehow
so much rain
why doesn't it stop?

1950520 1950780

So many. :heart:


You're welcome, Bobbeh! :ajsmug:


You're welcome! :pinkiehappy: I needed it too.


Let's see... Adoption, artificial insemination, children from a previous relationship, surrogacy, sperm donation... Or magic. :scootangel: Or all of the above!


Right? So much rain. :raritydespair:

1950828 Oh. :twilightoops: Why didn't I think of that? :twilightsheepish:


I believe that too. :twilightsmile:

Additional thought tangential to some of these images.

Maud Pie is best sister!

How dare you explode my feels like this!? :fluttercry::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::derpyderp2::pinkiesad2:
And yep, it be lurve :heart:


'Cuz I'm a meanie. :rainbowkiss:

Indeed. :heart:

What makes a Family?
Well, I would say that everyone that you feel love and friendship towards is your family. :pinkiesmile:


That's a good answer. :twilightsmile:

I learned this certain game. A game that taught me friendship and companionship, also taught me that family is someone who loves you, and you loving them back. They will always be there for both your ups and downs, and will and shall forever be with you to support and guide you through life.

They may have their own agendas and problems, yet they still take time to worry about you, and you, them. You love one another, care for one another, carry one another. A family isn't limited to sex and religion. You only need love and respect for one another, and you shall be fine.

Aww.... SO MUCH LOVE! Emotions.exe has overloaded.


Totally agree with you. Which game are you talking about, though?


:heart: Mine too!

I didn't want this blogpost to end :fluttershysad:


Persona 4 Golden to be precise

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