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  • 317 weeks
    Progress on chapter eight.

    Well, it's less than I had hoped. Inspiration is a fickle thing indeed. Current progress is about a quarter of my rough draft and I'm trying to boot myself into getting things together.

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  • 320 weeks
    Chapter Eight is underway!

    After some hangups with Google Docs from my Kindle (quickly becoming my preferred tool for writing, can't lose those ideas that crop up on the go!), I have found another cloud service to write Burned Feathers from. Sadly, while Dropbox isn't as convenient as Gdocs was, at least I'm back in the saddle!

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  • 325 weeks
    Chapter 7 update

    The rough draft is complete. It is also very rough. So my attention is now to make it readable in as little time as I can for my readers.

    Fear not, I endeavor to finish this partition of literature within a week. Or something like that. Anyways, Burned Feathers turns two years old this week, so yay!

    More to follow soon.

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  • 338 weeks
    My second year and a new chapter!

    That's right, I finally have my newest chapter out! After a few trying times in my personal life, I clawed my way through another installment of Prancer's journey!

    I had mentioned quietly that some "Big things" had gotten me down and killed my enthusiasm for writing my beloved story. That was the loss of a treasured family member. My uncle.

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  • 368 weeks
    Chapter 6 slowness explained via pictures!

    Thanks to Gamma Deekay to bringing this to my attention...

    Anyways, chapter six of "Burned Feathers" is still in the works. It may be awhile for me to get it out, as there are many important things that I need to get 'just right' in it.

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Yay! Progress! [Edits already? Yep!] · 10:14am Mar 18th, 2014

So, Chapter four has undergone a couple acute spasms of inspiration, and now sits at a little over 7k. This is rather good, as the next chapter seems to be a short one! (by my standards...) Followers of "Burned Feathers" (dare I say... Fans?) will be happy to know it may only be a couple weeks before I publish it, or at the very least give you an update.

Anyways, always glad to have you all along on the journey with me!

[edit] The inspiration kept on goin', now at 8k! The chapter is also sitting at a finished, but very rough first draft! Might be done before April! (yeah, right... I suck at deadlines)

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Yay, progress! :D

Yep, progress is awesome! Also, having a couple days off ahead of me may allow me to go over things a few dozen times. I'd hate to give you an unfinished product!

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