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I am seventeen years old and go to Knightdale High School in North Carolina. My hobbies include swimming, playing video games, and watching TV. I have a dog named Mr. Weiner

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My first blog · 10:31pm Mar 17th, 2014

Hey all you online story writers, here comes my very first blog.

Sorry to say, I'm not a writer but I do enjoy commenting on other people's stories and I like to propose my ideas which actually some people seem to enjoy. For my first blog, I would like to give a shoutout to the following writers:

1.Metroid Predaking Prime
3.Atomic Chinchilla

Metroid Predaking Prime, your story "My Little Pony: Magic of the Dinobots" was the first fanfic I ever read. I was really keen on wondering if the Dinobots were ever going to appear in the show and it was kind of like my insight. Although, I was suprised at how gruesome you made the story with the destroyed Crystal Empire, Canterlot and all those animals. I'm sorry to upset you but I'm a fan of Princess Twilight and Princess Cadance and well, yeah.

GreenS21. Only one word can describe your story. epic. No joke, the way you incorporate elements of the Sonic games into the world of ponies wants me to keep on reading your already completed story of "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless". Keep up the great work in your future sequel and continuing interquel.

Atomic Chinchilla, I never really had an interest in Beast Wars until I started watching the cartoon last summer. true it has been almost over a year since your last update, I hope you will be done soon.

Thelastprime, I really like your crossover. i found one that compared to yours, is not so awesome. I like the Autobots coming to Equestria and bonding with the girls and I can't wait for future chapters. To be honest, not so comfortable with seeing the humans meet the ponies. I mean seriously, a grown man like Agent Fowler meeting small little girls? Other than that I like it.

JDPrime22, your story based off the videogame is very legit. I am having trouble understanding what Menasor, Devastator, Scorponok, the Protectobots, Octane, and other transformers would look like because they weren't in the game (at least the console games). The sequel seemed pretty gruesome and I wondered how it was going to play out. Would the world really come to an end in that? Anyway, really liked it.

Legofan, you are the only one I know who has made a crossover with Armada Starscream. I always found Armada Starscream the best and I was super glad it was going to involve Princess Twilight. keep up the good work.

Last but not least, I_Am_The_Matrix, you made a pretty good fanfic. Suprised there is no Princess Twilight but wondering if more deceased Maximals will appear.

p.s. Completely unrelated, how many of you all enjoy Super Smash Bros and who do you all think should be new, should return, and who shouldn't return.

Thanks, DarkSkylynx

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Comments ( 4 )

Hey, thanks for the shoutout, man :twilightsmile:!

I quite enjoy me some super smashing of bros as well. I don't really have too many characters that I want to see added, but that's mainly because I haven't played too wide a variety of games. As for returning characters, I would like to see all of the characters from the previous installments return. I mean, why not? Who cares if Mewtwo sucked balls, it was still fricken' Mewtwo. The only one new character that I can think of would be either Altïar or Ezio from the Assassin's Creed games. I know that that series has releases on Nintendo consoles, so it shouldn't be too out there to get one of them in. The movesets don't seem too difficult to set up, either. I can explain my idea more if you'd like.

Anyhow, on a somewhat related note to the SSB thing and the premise of your post, I actually had an idea for a SSB/MLP crossover. I've decided not to pursue it, but I can still share some of my ideas on it if you'd care to hear them.

Keep being awesome,

1985249 Are you kidding?! Go ahead and tell me your ideas. I am pretty fond of an S.S.B crossover.

1985529 Alright, then. I'll start with my ideas for the assassin movesets. They'd be pretty much the same between the two assassins, but different enough to not be considered clones. Each of them would have a 3 hit A combo which would equate to a combo kill in their respective games. Ezio would use the hidden blades whereas Altïar would use...well, a weapon. I'll get to that in a sec. The tilts and smashes would just be strong and cool looking but rather generic swings with their weapons (similar to the other sword fighters).

Now, the interesting thing I have in mind for Altïar is, to make up for his lack of equipment compared to Ezio (and thus lack of versatility in that regard), he can switch between using his sword, dagger, and fists, doing so by using the taunt buttons (Altïar doesn't taunt people much anyhow, as it's unbefitting of his character). The weapon he has equipped would affect his A combo speed and damage, as well as affect the duration of his counter frames (for his counter move; that move should be an obvious part of the moveset), and the behavior of the counter.

The sword would be the strongest and slowest and have the most knockback on the final hit of the A combo. As for the counter, using the sword would effectively have the worst counter by decreasing the number of frames in which a hit would be countered, though a successful one would do a heck of a lot. On the other end of the spectrum, the fists would be the fastest and weakest (Quick interjection: in the first AC game, Altïar's unarmed attack has no real third swing. In order to give him a 3 hit combo, then, it would go as follows: a downward diagonal punch (like in the game), then an uppercut in the opposite direction with the opposite hand (like in the game), the he would spin around and thrust out with his hidden blade), but have the most effective counter in terms of avoiding damage. However, the unarmed counter would have almost 0 knockback, but could maybe go immediately into a grab. Then, finally, the dagger would sit somewhere between those two.

Now for special moves, this is where the two of them deviate slightly due to equipment. Altïar's B would be throwing knives obviously, and maybe Ezio's could be the same. However, for side B, Altïar would either be the crossbow (if they want to have Altïar as intended in AC) or some sort of shove to set up for combos (if they want to go with Altïar as he was playable in AC). Ezio, then, could use either the pistol or a poison dart; either would be cool. The down B would obviously be a counter. Their recovery moves would be effectively the same as well, except in their effectiveness. The up B would be a wall run, automatically locking onto a nearby wall and running up it a few steps before forcing the assassin to leap off or grab onto an above grabable ledge. If they leap off, then they would still get their double jump, but be unable to reuse the up B if they still need recovery. However, if there's no wall nearby, the up B is useless. For funsies, they can also wall-run up other character to get above them for an immediate meteor smash.

The final moves to be covered I guess would be the grab and dash A. The grab would be similar to how Snake's is with its town toss, which turns out to simply be laying the enemy on the ground. Actually, it's be pretty much exactly like Snake's, but instead of neck-breaking, they jab with their hidden blade. The dash A would be like the running assassination from the games, where they leap onto the person and stab them with the hidden blade. They'd land on an enemy, do some damage, then be able to keep running while the enemy stays on the ground for another few frames.

And that's pretty much my idea for their movesets. As for their handling, Altaïr would move faster and jump higher than Ezio (with his normal jumps, at least; Ezio's up B may be helped by the hookblade (my excuse being that Altïar isn't weighed down by as much equipment, even though Ezio still manages to be faster moving in the games)), with the same relative power. Ezio, then, would be higher mass and harder to kick about.

I'm sure there are flaws in my idea, but hey, it's just an idea, and it's not like it's going to happen anyhow.

Now as for the crossover idea, I didn't put too much thought into it. The premise is that, during the Subspace Emissary, when everyone splits up to do...something (I don't remember the plot of that very well (just enough to know that people split up in the subspace areas and go through portals and crap)), a group of them (the party, if you will) goes through a portal leading to Equestria. Said party would probably be six characters, among them Mario, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, and...well, that's all I sort of figured on before I stopped progressing the idea. Pretty much, though, the six of them get stranded in Equestria thanks to not being able to find a portal out, and as the search for it, they do the typical HiE-befriend-everyone crap. I hadn't decided on if the subspace itself threatens Equestria or not, but at the very least, Ganondorf's desire to rule rekindles and he tries to take over Equestria while he's unable to do anything about Tabuu (that's his name, right? And how you spell it?).

Beyond that, I hadn't put any more thought into the idea. Maybe you've got some. Heck, if you ever feel like writing a SSB crossover, feel free to use any of those ideas.

Man...really long comment, huh :rainbowderp:? Well, I'll leave you at that for now.

Have a good one,

1987686 Don't worry, you spelled Tabuu's name right. Not bad.

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