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Because I'm bored and have too much time on my hands... · 6:07am Mar 15th, 2014


I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.

Who told you that?

I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.

Technically, slapping someone is assault. Even touching someone against their will is illegal, as I understand it. How does feminism address this? Make assault more illegal than illegal?

I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.

An obvious and obnoxious example of deliberately misunderstanding the point that blatantly advertising sexual availability and then taking absolutely no rational precautions are risky behaviors, and that risky behaviors invite the consequences of those risky behaviors. It's not a driver's fault if someone else runs a red light and t-bones, him but if he's texting at the time and paying no attention to the world around him, he's inviting undesirable consequences with risky behavior. Same truth works with rape: a woman is not responsible for her own rape but she's responsible for engaging in risky behaviors without care for the consequences. Feminism perversely teaches that a woman has the right to be reckless and, to be blunt, slutty and bears absolutely no responsibility for these bad choices. Thus, feminism creates a paradigm in which rape is made more likely through encouraging irresponsibility and reckless behavior.

I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.

A meaningless statement; everyone should dress well to look clean, appealing, and project class. I'm not entirely sure how feminism solves a problem that has no need of a solution.

I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.

It does. The original charming sentiments of feminism (a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle) are still part and parcel of what constitutes feminism. Functionally, feminism requires that one gender be diminished to empower the other.

I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.

And men can't do things that women can. Ever tried to get a man pregnant by ejaculating in his vagina?

I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.

And feminism solves that problem... how? Woman are going to be bitches to each other whether they have feminism or not because feminism doesn't diminish the capacity of people to be cruel, petty, and malicious.

I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.

That would be because you're convinced that you need an ideological system to get ahead, whereas your brother has no illusions about the fact that if he wants to succeed, he has to succeed without being propped up.

I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.

No, your femininity makes you strong. Woman used to know this, before feminism stepped in to tell them otherwise.

I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.

Because it makes you look absurd, not the least of which because you're deliberately neglecting all your advantages in pursuit of being a man, which you can never be.

I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.

Wow, you mean men notice your breasts first? That's horrible! It's like how peahens pay attention to the gorgeous plumage of a peacock! What's that you say? That statement is ridiculous?
My point exactly.

I need feminism because
I believe in equality.

Feminism isn't a creed of equality, it's a creed of matriarchy. The aphorism that "the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world" is true now, was true before, will always be true, and has always been true. This used to be universally acknowledged: whatever a man might do outside the home, the woman raising the children was the true shaper of society. Feminism takes this away. It isn't a creed of equality. It's not a creed that promotes woman. It's a creed that sabotages all the power women are born with in pursuit of a false idol. It makes woman miserable by spitting upon their traditional place of power and urging them to try and take the man's place of power away from him. It tries to make women the queen of men instead of their counterpart, their equal, the yin to their yang, the dark to their light, the warmth to their cold, the moon to their sun. The natural place of a woman is an equal, perhaps even superior, partner in the making and sustaining of human civilization; feminism works to destroy this natural place to the detriment of women. Thus, feminism is the LAST thing a woman needs.

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Sadie #1 · Mar 15th, 2014 · · 1 ·

I left DeviantArt as a result of that. Thanks for making me feel proud about doing so.

1927112 *blushes* Why, you're quite welcome. :) Thank you for the compliment.


In certain countries in the Middle East, women have their bits sewn up and forcibly circumcised and all manner of horrors, and here in the western world we have people who aren't the least bit concerned with any of this yet get up in arms when a man holds a door open for a woman.

That makes sense.

My man acts like a gentleman, and I have never seen it as anything but a compliment. He was taught that this is a sign of love and devotion, and that is how I take it.:twilightsmile:
Mutual respect, and he has no problems with me mothering him sometimes. :heart:

1939573 Sounds like a healthy and happy relationship then! :twilightsmile:

Naturally, any proper feminist would be seething with rage as they read that. :trollestia:

It sounds like feminists have no healthy relationship then.:rainbowwild:
If you're putting someone down like you're some schoolyard bully hiding in a princess dress, then you're just a female macho.
And apparently, being macho is bad.

Me, I go with "as ye harm none, do what ye will." My man knows that I respect him. He can sweep me off my feet anytime, and I can play a game with him if I would wish so without any of us feeling belittled.

In short: we have one mutual goal and that is to make each other happy.

We both act like big children sometimes.:heart::heart::heart:

Ps.: Sorry for this, but I just can't stop gushing about him sometimes. He's like a real-life Paladin. He will talk about Good, and "Devoting himself to his 'Beautiful Princess'" and somehow he means every word of it.:heart:

1939613 Well, there's a reason we have the knight in shining armor archaetype: a guy who'll fight for you, adore you, treat you like royalty, slay your dragons, and be your personal hero just for you and no one else is a pretty awesome thing to have. I think that even feminists, if they had a single psychologically-healthy bone in their bodies, would very much want a Galahad to sweep them off their feet and ride off into the sunset with them. I'm overjoyed to hear that you've found your exalted prince to adore, love, cherish, and honor you. :twilightsmile:

I am secure in my femininity. Being a blushing bride for my man does not diminish me in the slightest and deep down it does make me swoon.
While I am often the one who "wears the pants in this relationship", I will readily admit that he has many qualities that I lack. He is open, honest, and trusting yet not naive, while I am very much a cynical bitch and not afraid to tell people exactly why this is justified.
The world needs more men like him, and I am honored to be the yin to his yang.:pinkiesad2:

1939797 Every circle needs its other half, every triangle its hypotenuse, every structure its foundation, and every equation its result. Just as this is the natural way of things in science, mathematics, and engineering, this is the natural way of things in human relationships. :twilightsmile:

"Know thyself", as it is below so it is above.
We can learn much about nature by studying ourselves and vice versa.

Enough about me now, how is your love life? Come on girl, give me some details.:raritywink:

1941019 I have none. I talk a good game but I'm highly misanthropic so I deliberately avoid having anything to do with other people as much as possible.

I'm actually an inter-sexed freak who takes what happiness she can get off the internet.
I can't have kids, nor even surgery to become one gender 100% because my constitution can't handle it.

If it were possible, I would move to to that wonderful man who assures me it's love and not just the body that matters.

On the other hand, I count my blessings for I used to work and live near homes for disabled people. I am not blind or deaf, have workable limbs, and I'm pretty smart as long as I get enough sleep.

1941084 Um... OK, this is entirely random. So all the stuff about having a loving husband was... lies...?

No it's not. He is my Rp-partner, not my husband.
Remember those 2 new people on the OC Roleplay about a month back? I was the illusionist that failed to apply, while he was the guy you approved. I believe your words were "Despite all the Final Fantasy jerking, somehow I approve this."
He really is that...pure and honest. I have no idea how he does it., but despite our characters being about the same he managed to convince you.

Right now he is going through college to become a teacher and he tries, and fails, to do fund raisers for improving the social awareness about pollution.
I do everything I can to make him happy and help him reach his goals. Whether it's helping him prepare his speeches, or just assuring him that not all people are bad.

here it is.

Strangely enough, with all the oddness and Final Fantasy wanking... I can approve this.

Sorry for the double post.:facehoof: One day, he just PMed me, a total stranger, for advice. He saw that I was new like him but managed to do okay, so he fully trusted me to do what humans should and "aid each other".

I took him under my wings, we kept in contact, and when he once commented along the lines of "I wish I could meet a girl like you", I replied that I would date someone like him in a heartbeat.

Then we started Rp-ing together. I made it quite clear what I am, but he insists that he wishes to one day meet.
Me, I doubt that, never make any promises, and try to get him to date.
I hope that he one day finds a girl who sees just how wonderful he is.

What I know is that he woke up at 2 am just to send me a message before I left for work.
I admit I had a hard time believing he was for real, but keeping up that charade for months, investing so much time and effort in a cruel joke? I think he is everything he says he is.

1941165 I'm pleased to hear it. I have a similar relationship with an online person but we both readily acknowledge that however loving and affectionate we are towards one another, he's a wonderful guy who deserves a wonderful girl right now instead of 10 years from now when we could meet.

Also, I'm not sure what you're on about with you being an illusionist that failed to apply, inasmuch as I approved your character (after making you strip out the parenthetical comments and the tidbit about you having autism; I still don't remember whether you ever specifically denied calling me a 'hater' for that).

I am happy to hear that you have someone to love as well.

It was not my intention to insult you, just that afterwards I was having doubts about how my character would be received.
If it came over as a personal assault, please accept my apologies.
I said "I only added the personal information afterwards to prevent haters." I was afraid someone would think I was making fun of disabled people, or that I was circumventing the usual Mary Sue's "tragic past" by giving my character a handicap.

That illusionist was my second character. It was the exact same class as Laurent, a crystal pony who trained to cast cantrips and lives according to the principles of Love and Harmony.
Somehow, despite him using fire and artefact swords, he got through to you.

Back to Laurent, I really wish he would get to dating.
Though I found that I am not as noble as I thought. When I found out that he had done an Rp , a part of me did feel jealous. I did see it was back before we started exchanging Pm's, but somehow it hurt.

1941808 Ah, you're the one who attempted to insert a D&D character class into the game and got shot down. The reason his character got through and yours didn't is that his was an ordinary pony whose magic and abilities relied on the same rules and mechanisms as everyone else's. Yours, however, followed the rules of a D&D character class which simply do not work for this game.

Your illusionist character, however DID get approved. The conversation about her ended with "Yes, approved. :)". As to Laurent's character, he didn't do anything unusual enough to cause problems and subsequently sailed through.

And I still literally do not understand. D&D wizards cast a fireball by mixing up gunpowder and focusing enough energy to cause a spark. I made up training sessions along the lines of Ranma and Naruto, magical theories, and unexplored magical laws.

Let's try this again.
Pegasi can fly
Pegasi can train to fly better.
Ponies can pick up objects without hands as if it "sticks" to their hooves.
Ponies can improve their "grip". Eventually maybe enough to stick to walls. That ability I called "Spider Climbing."
The opposite of gripping would be to push away. That is my explanation for how Pinkie can "bounce" and jump high. Three abilities derived from natural pony magic, but since they are not spells, Earth ponies can learn them.

It was all just part of my worldbuilding and a way for Earth ponies to be equal to the other tribes. I imagined the Crystal Empire build by Rock Farming techniques--grown buildings.
-Earth ponies are canonically able to grow rocks
-crystals are rocks
-crystals can be shaped during their growth
=>crystal buildings

-crystals grow by replicating the patterns around them
-spells are patterns
=>grow magical gems

In short, I expanded on all the "Earth ponies are the backbone of Equestria" fanon. They are the builders, the miners, and the crafters. Now in this modern time they got power tools and Unicorn science so the ancient crafts are no longer needed. Neither are the fighting styles of the past. The 1000 year banished Crystal ponies who lived in monster filled isolated mountains however, still do.

1941884 ...and I don't have the slightest idea what you're going on about...

I am talking about how you imply that I use a magical system not compatible with canon mlp.

Plotholes irk me so I pride myself on details and filling up any holes in my fanon theories.

It also irks me that many writers portray Earth ponies as inferior. After all, spells and machines can replace them (Flim and Flam come to mind) so I put great care in thinking up ways to make Eart ponies equal and irreplacable.

The OC roleplay was supposed to be a test run to see how my system would perform.

1941981 Felyon, you're not postulating a magical system. You're not postulating any system. You're just insisting that earth ponies have a given set of powers, and this has nothing to do with a system of magic. Magic activated by using incantations and precise physical gestures (Harry Potter) is a system of magic. Magic using props and preparation (D&D) is a system of magic. Magic that relies on mental discipline and using symbols and artifacts to make the task easier (Dresden Files) is a system of magic. Magic that can be 'written' into objects using magical symbols and runes to inscribe certain properties and scientifically dictate the flow and manifestation of the magical energy (various) is a system of magic. You're saying "earth ponies can grow buildings" and "earth ponies can grow magic gems"... and none of that has anything to do with a system of magic. So again, I have no idea what you're going on about. Moreover, none of this is relevant anyway since you didn't include any of that in your character that was being submitted for OCRP.

Thank you for the detailed response.

Earth ponies do have a given set of powers. It is stated quite clearly that they can grow plants. Even if eternal night happened, Earth ponies would still have been able to provide food.

"*fyre-flye Mar 3, 2011
While not magical like the other pony types, Earth Ponies do have a connection to the land that other types do not. In Equestria, growing food and tending animals (Fluttershy's talent with animals is unusual for a pegasus, I always imagined she feels more at home on the ground than in the sky) is just as necessary, as managing weather and magic. Perhaps more important, don't you think? They are ponies, not people, so perhaps appreciating each other as equals is not so difficult for them."

I assure you that I do have a system but it is based on Earth ponies having no canon "spells" so I used a skill system just like how Pegasi can perform "magic that is not a spell".
I simply wrote out how an Earth pony can train skills that Pinkie performs by instinct. Rock farms are canon. Rarity finds gems so readily that I assume gems can be grown--rock farms. They grow here on Earth, magic simply speeds up the process.

I am overdoing it, right?

1942288 Yes. But this all would have been a better conversation for PMs instead of my blog entry about the silliness of feminism.

You are correct of course. I let the conversation get the better of me. Though I do feel like pointing out the title of this blog.

Maybe we will PM sometimes? Like about if my idea of magic using Earth ponies is complete nonsense or perhaps my own Tribal Equality Movement?

1942313 Whatever you like. :)

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