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Just a guy with time on his hands really, all I can say is a hope you enjoy what I write

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    Going forward

    After a long hiatus involving drink, drugs, parental divorce, cancer, lots of debt, and an over riding urge to commit suicide, I'm back

    Expect chapter 4 of the heavenfall by the end of next week, to those of you who followed my shining armour stories expect a continuation by the end of the month.

    Thank you for your patience


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    hey there guys.

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    Erol's back. Tell a friend.

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    My laptop finally gets out the maintainence bay today, so expect the next chapter of Heavenfall soon!

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    A serious question about the escapades of Shining Armour.

    Hey guys.

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement for my Shining Armour series. Just wanting you to know that the next installment is on the way, with Shining Armour heading up north on a diplomatic mission to the Crystal Empire.

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Why? For shiggles, of course! · 12:34pm Mar 11th, 2014

Honestly, there's nothing here that you'll find very new. I'm really just writing this post because I need something to do.

So, here's some blatant self-promotion. First up, be sure to check out my first story Terminal World. As a story, it's one of my favourites, and possibly one of the most original works I'll ever attempt. Filled with good old classic dystopia, darkness, magic, technology, and some pretty decent character development; Terminal World is set in a post-apocalyptic Equestria that has been ripped apart by an event known only as The Shattering, and follows the stories of three protagonists.

First up is Twilight, a former alicorn of the Celestia Levels, exiled from her home and carrying with her a secret that may be the key to saving the Canterlot Godscraper. Next is Tiberius, patriarch of the Celestial Guard and warden of the boundary. Thrown from the high eyrie by a rebellion against the true princess of Canterlot, Tiberius finds himself exiled to the Outzone, the first alicorn in over seven thousand years to leave the Celestia Levels. Finally is Lord Sombra, the last descendent of the Crystal Empire; driven by a burning hatred he has fostered for over eight thousand years since the execution of his daughters at the hooves of Celestia herself. Together, their fates will intertwine, and ultimately lead to either the salvation of equine kind, or its complete.

Or, for those of you who prefer a good HiE Fic, be sure to check out The Heavenfall. A tale of damnation, salvation, and eventual redemption, The Heavenfall follows that saga of the last Angel, Cypher, and his quest to redeem humanity, and deliver it from slavery beneath the crushing hoof of Equestrian imperialism. A story of one Angel's journey of self-discovery and eventual redemption, The Heavenfall is the latest work from the mind of Erol carstein, and set to be a sure-fire epic of destruction, exposition, and all-round arse kicking.

Of course, that doesn't mean I've forgotten my more clop-minded followers, and for those bronies out there who love a god clop-fic, I've got two stories just for you. The first, "The Nightmare's Tribute" details Shining Armour's first encounter with the Lunar Goddess herself, isolated and alone within the depths of the Everfree Forest; little more than the play-thing of an immortal beauty. It's sequel, "A Feast For A Queen" once more takes the Captain of the Celestial Guard into the thick of the action, pitting our protagonist against the machinations of the changeling Hive-Queen: Chrysalis. Featuring some excellent world building, vivid character descriptions, and all-round cloppery, if you fancy a clop story with a little more flesh on its bones, be sure to check out these two fics.

And of course, be sure to leave me a comment when you're done writing. As much as I enjoy typing up my fan-fics, and posting them here for the wider community to read, I'm always looking for ways to better my stories. So, if there's anything about my stories you'd like to point out, such as plot-holes, grammar issues, general questions, or you just wanna stroke my ego, be sure to leave me a little message when you're done.



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I only now discover that the "Shining Armor gets screwed" clopfics and Terminal World are by the same author...


Not sure if sarcastic :trixieshiftleft:

Or serious :trixieshiftright:

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