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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."

  • EThe Revelation of a King
    ~3rd Place 2014 Everfree Northwest Winner~ Down in the darkest depths of Tartarus. Sombra finds the one thing he missed during life that could've saved him. An unlikely friendship, a friendship that is doomed to fail. As all things in Tartarus do.
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Wish me luck! · 1:30am Mar 9th, 2014

So I gathered up enough confidence today to submit The Revelation of a King to The Royal Guard. Mostly for giggles... I don't think it has a chance. But wish me luck! It got pretty good reception from some of you fine people and I thought what the heck.

I think I fixed all the grammar errors... So I hope it has a chance! I should find out how it does around the same time that I find out how it did at EFNW! So I can have double the disappointment! Yay!

Jk. Ok well... Back to work... I've been here all day. Still killing it with kindness.

Report Tidal · 120 views · Story: The Revelation of a King ·
Comments ( 9 )

1909751 awh thanks guys! :twilightsmile:

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

As a fellow Sombra fan, I hope your fic gets a lot of good feedback in the contest!

1909942 thanks so much :twilightsmile:

1909942 hopefully it's nothing like the hunger games :twilightoops:

That would be most unfortunate.

1910084 id win. I'm super friendly so I'd ally with everyone lol

If I were in the games, I would find all the little capsules with parachutes sponsors send and fill it with poison and then drop hem onto unsuspecting tributes and be like, "Oh, you thought that was food? HAHA, IT WAS POISON, DUMMIES!"

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