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  • 220 weeks
    New beginnings, trying to breathe life into an old dusty account.

    I dunno why I'm bothering to make this blog update, buuuuut hey.

    Stories are gone. Painful reminders of a painful past and some ugly memories, and was a hanging thread of guilt for me.

    Name is different because there are two of us here now. It's slightly tricky to explain right. An I gotta find a way to differentiate us via text.

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  • 324 weeks
    Creativity mode ENGAGE!!!

    Alright! Short and sweet this time, to show you guys I really mean it!!

    Today! I drive home. I get home, rest a day or two.
    Then me and an undisclosed friend RESTART RNB. We will co-write all of Act II, since he knows more about this story than I do at this point!!

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  • 326 weeks
    Welp. c:

    Not gonna beat around the bush, not gonna whine and shit.

    I've been having a damn rough time. College is a major time-taker. To say the very least, stress got to me.
    But to log on after who knows how long and see people are still reading..... it makes me want to start anew.

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  • 348 weeks
    And now I has a sad. A major sad.

    Er... hello there, any followers left.

    It's... erm, it's my misfortune to say that "Rob's New Beginnings" is being halted, totally and completely.

    That last blog post I had posted was typed with much excitement and enthusiasm.... however, the idea as a whole has wholly stagnated.

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  • 350 weeks
    Gueeeeeeeess what?!

    That's right! :D

    I, Machre, am finally, FINALLY writing once again!!

    Somehow, I think it has to do with being AT college as opposed to AWAY from college.

    And I don't want to spoil what I am writing about.... yet.

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To Randomness and Random-Related Things · 11:51am May 17th, 2012

I'm not one to use a blog post for just something random, but I personally felt this was a good use.
Trust me.
Here's the link, in case the embedding doesn't work.
....well, derp. I can't get the embedding to work.

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