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  • EFirst
    After a startling revelation, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash discuss painful past events and what the future holds. Featured on Equestria Daily!
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Just broke 1,000 views on First! · 6:17am Mar 6th, 2014

... And only, what, a couple years or so after getting it featured on Equestria Daily, too. :P

Of course, this is if I ignore the DeviantArt presentation of the story, which is closing in on (but not quite at) 7,000 views, most of which came from a large sudden spike due to that aforementioned EqD exposure.

It's a strange feeling, even so. When you finally see a four-digit number roll around, it gets me thinking about the future. Maybe someday I'll write something that truly smashes things open for me in terms of having an audience and then when I hit 10,000 views, this will seem like a small blip of a landmark. And I'll be honest, I would love to see that happen. I would love that kind of attention because it would probably mean a whole lot of feedback and discussion instead of the tiny trickle I get by comparison. It would mean seeing a real metric of success in terms of smoothed out trends of favorites and thumbs-up versus thumbs-down versus time, instead of the irregular random one by one hits.

Maybe most of all it's because I'm so shy in real life. I can hardly talk to people, but online I entertain thousands at a time and not blink or feel self-conscious at all. I admit it, I kind of want the spotlight, and seeing 1,000 views roll around, I guess I just feel like I've finally gotten a little tiny bit of it.

Here's to 1,000 people thinking this was at least worth taking a peek at. Thanks. I hope you liked it.

... Now if only I could trick convince people to read and provide feedback on my other work, too...

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