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Plan B · 8:57pm Mar 4th, 2014

Well, let's see:

In the thirty-six hours since I posted the "table of contents" for Nocturnes, the contest/anthology of Luna stories I organized, two of the entries have done the dance up the Big Happy List on the front page here, and while I've recused myself from considering any of the stories that come through the pre-reading pipeline at Equestria Daily, I do know that so far three of the entries are scheduled to get features over there.


How 'bout this, then? I'll just commission another 7 Luna statuettes from Groovebird and declare everyone a winner!

Yeah, that seems unlikely even for me...


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Comments ( 15 )

If you felt like spending a lot of money on being a terrible person, you could commission six more statuettes, and then declare the loser of the contest.

"Everybody wins! ...Except you."

Well, to be fair I didn't say they'd all get featured. I just said three of them had been submitted.

Anyway, everybody knows Horizon's a big jerkface. So we're almost certainly not going to publish his story.

Then we would all pulverize our figurines, give the powder back to GrooveBird, and commission him to make seven slightly smaller statuettes from the remains.

>> AugieDog
Consider it this way: You win! Look at the caliber of writer you have at your beck and call. Completely out of nowhere you have created the pony equivalent of Sundance. … well, Moondance. [1]

[1] And then there was season 2. Plus ca change, plus ca-dance.

> Horizon's a big jerkface
Untruth! Lies and calumny!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go console myself with some tasty, tasty orphan tears.

I'll be submitting mine too, after I see what you and Chris have to say about it, in case i want to rework any of it.

Just print 'em out, tack 'em up on the side of a barn or shed, put on a blindfold, and hurl tomahawks until you hit something. (You might want a fire marshal or member of the clergy present for safety.)

Either way it's an honor just to be competing. Lots of wonderful stuff here. :yay:

My suggestion, if I had any chance to win, would be for the statue to be donated to the next worthy charity event, to be auctioned perhaps.

But then, I don't think I actually have a chance to win :scootangel:


Ah but I would win even then because I would get the awesomest review:

"Of Luna's Landing the less said the better. The characters are wooden. The plot thin. Let us speak no more of it lest we dull our senses entirely. To the Llama I will but say that it takes prodigious talent to write a story so devoid of merit. Consider that you could have raised the standard of the entire competition merely by not having written anything at all. In these circumstances I advise you ponder the actions of the common beaver who, when confronted with his lack of literary worthiness, finds succour in carpentary. Even then I advise starting only on wood fit for the fire. Your story, sadly, is too much of a damp squib to burn but with sufficient fuel perhaps the deed may be done."

Note: Lest anyone get the wrong idea I'm actually quite happy with my story. It was a first attempt and I get to stand, dwarfishly, beside giants. I can't remember when last I learnt so much in such a short time.



I'd have Groovebird hide a pearl in one of them, but then I suppose it'd be Sherlock Holmes and the Six Napoleons all over again...


I'm always skipping over intervening steps in real life. That's one reason I write stories: they force me to gather things into sequence. For example, in a story, I certainly wouldn't be thinking about what it might take to organize a similar "Sundance" anthology of Princess Celestia stories next. I mean, we're not even technically done with this one yet!

No, it's likely just horizon using That Darn Fiendishness to put ideas into my head... :trixieshiftleft:


An anthology is only as good as the stories that get submitted. And you folks submitted some walloping fine stories.



I hope that blurb is just your imagination, your story was quite fine for a first attempt :twilightsmile:

You do seem to need more practice, but the same can be certainly said about me :twilightblush:

If your story is half as witty as the iron self-deprecation of your review I will have no choice but to instantly follow you.

… okay, I'm a thousand words in and I'm going to have to make good on that promise already. :twilightsmile:

Self deprecation: how to win friends and influence people. :twilightsheepish: Thank you for reading - it means a lot.


I hope that blurb is just your imagination

Mostly a facetious streak that both thrills and annoys the hell out of everyone I know. Usually the latter.


Did you see the review:

Of the eight contest pieces by local gadfly Present Perfect? :pinkiehappy:


I did just now and the nice things everyone has been saying here are going a long way to help with my inferiority complex. Always been too scared to show anyone the stuff I write but, after this, maybe I'll even try another story. You know, just to check this wasn't all a fluke.


I would:

Encourage you in this decision if I were me. And since I am me, well, here I am encouraging you. :pinkiehappy:


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