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    ~3rd Place 2014 Everfree Northwest Winner~ Down in the darkest depths of Tartarus. Sombra finds the one thing he missed during life that could've saved him. An unlikely friendship, a friendship that is doomed to fail. As all things in Tartarus do.
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How did this happen? (QUEST!!) · 8:25pm Mar 3rd, 2014

So yesterday I made my Tidal Twitter account right? I was thinking "Hey maybe I'll get a follower or something cool!

I check and I have 1! I'm all like yay! I look and it's one of my aunts. I don't mind it but some parts of my family don't know about my Bronyness and I have no idea how she could've possibly found my BRONY Twitter account! :raritydespair: My secret is out!

Eh, oh well. Here I'll post the link to my Twitter again and maybe another family member will find me Tidal_Brony COME FIND ME FAMS!

In other news oh my freaking goodness. I was unaware that BlackGryph0n put out another song the other day. Of course I bought it the moment I saw it, I donated extra money to him and have listened to the song on repeat for like um.... 10 hours?

So freaking good. It's a song for Spike and his journey of self discovery! Check it out!

Best one yet in my opinion!! I'd definitely listen to it!

Ciao guys! :twilightsmile:

~Never Stop Smiling~

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I'm never ashamed to tell my friends and family I watch MLP. I told my family and their reactions were:

Mom: How can you like that show? It's made for girls. You're so weird sometimes. Grow up!
Sister: You're so stupid. That show is pathetic. I can't believe you watch it.
Dad: I'm fine with it. Watch whatever you want
Brother: That's kinda weird, but whatever.
My friends: Hahahahaha

I got some of them to watch it, but mostly I got lashed at. I'm not ashamed because I'm comfortable with myself, and I'll always be a brony.

1892994 I think it's fine my family knows for the most part, I'm sure I'll get some flack from family from it but they are family so they won't disown me or something...my fams reactions?

Mom:Really? That's cool it's a great show!
Stepdad: meh
Dad: you're so gay XDD (my dad is a troll)
My sisters are both super young and they are the ones who introduced me to it.
Friends (the majority of them) you're such a fag Christian. (Now? All but one are bronies.) and my friend night spark watched it immediately after I told him and he fell in love.

I love being a brony! So many cool people and stories, art, and music and then the show itself is amazing.

I honestly am curious on my cousin could've found my Tidal account... My name on there is Tidal and it has my pony pic... How is this possible?!

Y'know what? You've inspired me to make a pony twitter. You'll gain me as a follower as soon as I make it. :rainbowkiss:

1893109 Wooohooo! I shall follow back!:pinkiehappy:

1893134 Aaaaaaand done. Let's see where this goes. Should be interesting.

1893147 Let the Tweeting begin...

I still have no idea what to do:rainbowderp:

1893156 I have a non-pony twitter so I know the basics, but even then I don't do much with it. I can't really compare that to this though, because it's under completely different circumstances.

Just so you know, I'm going to make a blog about this later. Expect me to blame you 150% for any repercussions this has. Kidding... mostly. :rainbowwild:

1893170 LOL! Blame me, I'm totally fine with being the cause of this madness:pinkiecrazy: Expect my witty comment!

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