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Fan music 2: the fanmusic-ing · 11:42pm Mar 1st, 2014

EDIT: I am reblogging this because right after I posted this yesterday, the fimfiction decided to go down. For the entire day For a mind-blowing eight hours. And The Rainfall's amazing music deserved a little more attention that I was able to give it, I think. If you've already read/skipped over it, sorry for being annoying! I have never straight up copy-pasted a blog like this before, I swear. If you haven't read/skipped over it yet, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE.

You know, I used to put some effort into the titles of my blogs, but it seems the more straightforward it is, the more people actually read it. Actually, come to think of it, verbose, rambling introductions tends to lessen interest as well, no matter how clever they are. So, at the risk of losing your attention before actually getting to the good part, it is my pleasure to expeditiously present, with much speed and promptness, and without further ado, quickly, swiftly, and in all haste...

Some incredible fan music!

A Prayer for Daylight, by And The Rainfall

In many ways, the song captures the spirit of TSaHF perfectly. It's like the combination of a lullaby, a military parade, and a eulogy. I would go on, but seriously, just listen to it. Listen to that man's voice. It's so smooth I could glide on top of it like a sheet of warm butter.

It's just really, really good. Words cannot describe how awesome it is. Seriously. Everything is so melancholy and mellow and bittersweet. Not over-the-top, chop-onions-under-your-nose depressing, but just sort of... y'know, sad. Resigned. If you took the scenes in the Canterlot cemetery and made them into a song, they would sound exactly like this.

The acoustics are wonderful and the lyrics are poetry. Plus, I'm pretty sure I could fall asleep just listening to the sound of his voice. I mean that in a good way. A great way, in fact.

Another youtube commentor put it in a way that I found myself strangely agreeing with: "I'm enraptured by this in the same way I'm enraptured by Exile Vilify. It's just this profound ambiance. Impossible to explain."

It's like... like...

But instead of fire, it's made of gossamer and morning dew and the distilled essence of a child's prayer.

Thanks aplenty to And The Rainfall (aka SeasideSlumber) for this amazing piece of fan music. You rock my world. In your arms. Tenderly. While singing a bittersweet lullaby until I am soundly asleep with a single, melancholy tear trickling down my cheek.

Comments ( 6 )

And like I said, this is the only time I've ever double-posted like this. Please don't hate me! :fluttershbad:

Yes, when I listened to it I immediately remembered the scene when Tia's walking away from the wild, unkept Sunflower garden and sees a single, beaten sunflower that was originally placed at the Maiden's gravesite by Lucky, slowly descend from the heavens to eventually land and rest upon her path. It was a beautiful scene. This song does indeed feel like the Stranger and Her Friend.

- Aoki

fimfic was only down for 8 hours silly... 8... bucking... hours. :pinkiecrazy:

What? No, I didn't suffer from a severe case of pony withdrawal at all.


"8 hours? Might as well have been 8 days. Or 8 weeks!" I'm right there with ya, brother.


1887136 I actually WROTE on my fic! I mean WTF man!?

To be honest though the only time I seem to write anything of quality is when I'm in transit... car, bus or train it doesn't matter (I haven't flown since I got my laptop so I don't know about flying)

Thanks for sharing!!

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