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I am a currently 16 year old cynic who used to love the show and is still on this site for some reason. Once in a blue moon I actually write something.

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  • 283 weeks
    Sick Again, yaaaay

    So if any of you have been wondering where the next chapter is, I got sick again and haven't written jack.


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  • 285 weeks
    First Bit is OUT!! WOOO!!

    The Prologue of my newest story, The Dragon Cometh, is out! Go read it!

    (It's actually just been submitted, hold on a sec maybe)

    0 comments · 191 views
  • 286 weeks
    Prologue Finished, Needs Edits

    I got the prologue of the new story finished -- it's only 1,500 words, but I hit a brief bout of writer's block on top of getting a bad fever for the past couple of days. Regardless, it just needs editing before I post it! Stay tuned, folks!

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  • 287 weeks
    Still Alive, and Writing!

    Yup! I have over 1,000 words of a new story already hashed out out. I won't spoil what it is exactly, but after a few people asked for me to continue A Dragon's Life, this is what I came up with. Hopefully it turns out good. Happy belated holidays!

    7 comments · 214 views
  • 307 weeks
    Well That Happened

    I seem to have just gotten an internet boyfriend.


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Cleaning Things Up a Bit · 2:20am Feb 27th, 2014

Finally got around to changing the status of all my current Self-inserts to "cancelled." I'm gonna leave them up for people to read, but I'm not gonna do anything more to them. I may, at some point, make YET ANOTHER attempt at writing a decent story involving me, only because I'm actually a pretty damn weird person once you go deeper down that most people see. With that in mind, whenever the hell I try again, I will likely be delving pretty deep into my own psyche, which will be interesting when the time comes.

Anyways, BraxAttacks signing off!

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