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I'm a Scotsman who likes to write stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. (Discord Server)

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Q&A Round Twelve - The Answers! · 11:27pm Feb 25th, 2014

Sorry this is late — I've been busy with work and stuff.


1 - Question for Applejack.

"If I managed to create an apple which tasted like a pear but looked like a banana, would you eat it?"

Applejack: Ah... Ah... (her left eye begins to twitch)

2 - Question for Princess Luna.

"Ok, so I realise my previous message was quite forward and I apologise for that. I have these spare tickets for a Video Games Live opera night and wondered if you and Dusk Wind would like to join me. No funny stuff, just the awe of music."

Luna: We would love to join you! I think it would me most entertaining to hear human music.
Dusk Wind (grumbling): I guess... but I'm watching you, buddy.

3 - Question for Princess Celestia.

"Hey, can you slip these tablets in Luna's drink tonight? MUAHAHAHA!...*ahem* Erm...just ignore the laugh."

(Celestia eyes the tablets suspiciously for a moment before she grins.)
Celestia: These are simply paracetamol tablets, used for headaches. I think your plan to get into my sisters proverbial pants has been ruined, my strange little friend.
Flash Sentry: Ooowwww, my head... (He takes a couple of pills, blinks, then falls over.)

4 - Question for Rarity.

"How do I get my hair to be like yours? I'm starting to go bald and I want to look fabulous before I lose all of my hair!"

Rarity: Oh, darling, that is simply dreadful to hear! But don't worry, for I will design you a wig. But not just any wig, for it will match my own manestyle! I can picture you - and every other bald person and pony - right now, wearing MY design! I must get started right away!
(She dashes into her workshop and locks the door.)

5 - Question for Fluttershy.

"I found this baby otter in my pond the other day. My neighbour told me to cook it but...I think it's much better off in your hooves. Will you take it?"

Fluttershy: Oh, um, of course I will! The other otters will surely love to meet him, so just take him to the pond out back. (Pause.) Why can't I take him, you ask? Well... I'm a bit busy right now.
Haywick: Come on, Fluttershy, what's taking so long? I was nearly finished!
(Fluttershy blushes and closes the door.)

6 - Question for Twilight.

"So I saw you HAVE kicked Geo in the nuts before. Good job!......what, you were expecting a question?"

Twilight (through gritted teeth): Go. Away. Thanks to you, Geo and I haven't had sex all week! A mare has her needs, you know, and I can't exactly tend to them when my husband is being a dick!
(She points to the nearby bed, on which Geo is lying with a bag of ice over his crotch. He grins at Twilight and goes back to reading Daring Do with one hand behind his head.)

7 - Question for Geo.

"Sorry about the whole 'kick to the nuts' thing. Would you like some Irn Bru and Bacon?"

Geo: Hell yes, I would like some Irn Bru and bacon! (The items materialise in front of him, and he eagerly tosses his ice bag to one side.) Now to enjoy some good old fashioned—
Twilight: FUCKING!
(Before Geo has a chance to respond, Twilight jumps on him. The Irn Bru and bacon are knocked onto the floor as the two proceed to screw each other senseless.)

8 - Last question for Flash Sentry.

*walks up to his beaten body and lifts his head up* "You just got owned by a human. How do you feel?"

(Flash Sentry does not respond, because he got KNOCKED THA FUCK OUT, MAN.)

Anonymous Unknown

I am creation and destruction, a symbol of judgement and rebellion.

what am I?

Sounds like a good description of humans as a whole. So that's my answer.

Have you ever seen the X files? if so, do you ever wonder if Scully's sceptism of Mulder is borderline denial?

The X Files isn't really my thing. :derpytongue2:


"So Twi science question, describe the process of catalytic olefin ammoxidation."

Geo: Er, she's not available right now. She overexerted herself when she jumped my bones earlier, and now she's sleeping like a baby. And don't even bother getting me to answer that, because I really need to find my ice pack again...


Geo and John:

1/ If I told you "Vince" from "Rex the runt," what do you say?

Geo and John: Who?
Geo: Sorry, mate, but we have no idea who that is.
John: Or what it is.
(They both chuckle sheepishly.)

for all the girls, princesses included

2/ Even if you're not ponies of human world, do you graze sometimes (if this is the case, it must be lovely to see you do that) ?

Celestia: I am partial to a bit of hay every now and again...
Twilight: Where's my notebook?!
Luna: How offensive!
Applejack: Y'all must be confusin' us with wild animals.
Fluttershy: I do it a lot, to show baby deer and other creatures that eat grass how to feed themselves.
Rainbow Dash (scoffs): As if. That's just not cool. And me? I'm cool.
Rarity: Oh, my. How positively sickening! Why, the very thought of eating grass ponies have walked on is just... (She shudders.) It doesn't even bear thinking about!
Pinkie Pie: Nope! But maybe I should give it a try. Ooh! I can turn it into a 'Graze Party', and invite everypony! I've got invitations to send! (She disappears in a puff of confetti and streamers.)

To Dusk Wind

3/Luna is not there ? Okay so I offer you this gift : Robotic hands with telepathic headband (with instruction book).

You put the headband on your head and you can mentally control the hands (it's a surprise that you will make for your next "bed party" with Luna if you know what I mean... Enjoy yourself you two ^ ^)

(Celestia spots Luna crying. Concerned, she walks over and wraps a wing around her.)
Celestia: What is wrong, dear sister?
Luna: Dusk Wind d-doesn't love m-me anymore!
Celestia (gasps): Why on Equestria would you think such a thing?!
Luna: Ever since he got that strange device, he hasn't left his room. And every time I go to talk to him, all I hear is him grunting and panting...
(Celestia doesn't reply, instead allowing Luna to bury her muzzle into her chest and bawl her eyes out.)

That's all for now! Remember, this Q&A marks the end of character questions. All future Q&A sessions will only be for questions which are directed towards me as a person/author.

However, that doesn't mean an end to character questions full stop, as you can submit them to my new Tumblr (NO LONGER EXISTS). You are free to ask a question of any Geoverse character you want, whenever you want — and the great thing is: you don't even need to have a Tumblr account in order to do it!

So get to it, and I'll see you all next time. :rainbowkiss:

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Comments ( 6 )

shit i just now thought of a question.
is it to late now? or wait for the next one?


By all means, send it to me, but it won't be answered until next month.

Geo and John:
1/ If I told you "Vince" from "Rex the runt," what do you say?

Geo and John: Who?
Geo: Sorry, mate, but we have no idea who that is.
John: Or what it is.
(They both chuckle sheepishly.)

The right answer was "Tuesday !":pinkiehappy:

here the first episode

Luna: Ever since he got that strange device, he hasn't left his room. And every time I go to talk to him, all I hear is him grunting and panting...

Damn it, I only not made ​​Luna sad but I am also the creator of the first "fappin' pony":ajsleepy:

(Flash Sentry does not respond, because he got KNOCKED THA FUCK OUT, MAN.)


I was looking for that video, but I couldn't find it anywhere!

Glad someone got the reference though. :rainbowkiss:

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