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The New Project · 8:58pm May 15th, 2012

I realized the other day that the reason I've been struggling with my writing so much is that I haven't done anything spontaneous in a while. Chapters were starting to feel like work instead of play, and I found myself struggling trying to make ends meet. So to that end, I've revitalized something ancient. Something that predates Death Note: Equestria, but never saw the light of day. Something even darker than my most popular project, but at the same time hopeful and inspiring. A crossover with a sorely under-appreciated anime series that needs to be seen.

The working title for this new series is Our Equestria. That's the only hint I'm giving.

One small setback, though. Locations have never been my strong point, nor have horse-based puns. What I'm looking for is a name for a small, coastal town somewhere in Equestria. Once we have that down, we can get this party started.

And no, I'm not putting DN:E on hiatus for something else. If anything, this should help me get through this slump and have me writing more frequently. I hope.


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Interestingly, I was just about to send you my own little side project. Great minds think alike?:duck:

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