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Crystal Bombshell

I'm just your average brony... Who happens to be transgender (MTF) and lesbian... So yeah. I do write, and I love editing! If you need an editor, just drop me a message!

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Hey! · 1:29am Feb 24th, 2014

Hi everypony!

I figured I'd post a few things for my first blog post, so let's get down to a few things.

1st off, I'd like to officially introduce myself to everypony who's viewing/viewed/going to view my user page. I'm going to go by Crystal_Bombshell on Fimfiction, unless you become a go-to editor for the stories I might write far and few between; when that happens, I'd like to hope we'd be on a first name basis. A short bio (yes, I know that it gives me a spot for that below my profile pic): I am more of an editor than a writer, but if I come up with an idea I think is good enough, I might end up writing a story on it. I also play some video games, mostly Playstation (PSN: kingcobra1967; PM me for a short explanation why), with a preference for the Battlefield franchise. I also have a Steam under the same name. If you send me a friend request, I would ask that you mention that you're from Fimfiction. Anyways, a bit about me, more than I can fit in the bio section.

Secondly, I would like to ask for any ideas to help with a fanfic I plan on writing in the near future. The general gist of it is the Mane 6 live in Canterlot, and Rarity is helping the embodiment of Nightmare Moon escape from her banishment. I will probably write a prologue and explain the general happenings of events before the actual story starts. No release date yet, as I'd like to figure out where I want the story to go before I actually put it up and I need some ideas for that. As for where I got the idea, I had a jumbled mess of a dream where some weird shit happened.

Thirdly and finally: I hope to leave some sort of good impression on you guys! Tell me any thoughts you have about me, my ideas, or anything else you think is relevant. I really don't have much of a social life outside of reading, video games, and school, so I will spend most of my time on Fimfiction on my computer, or Youtube. Post any questions that I haven't answered on this post in my comments section, and I'll mostly answer them in the comments, but if I feel it's too personal, I'll PM you about it. I'll either let you know the answer, or I'll tell you if I don't feel comfortable answering it

And if you read this entire thing, hats off to you.

Thanks for reading this long blog post, and brony on, my friends.

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