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You know you are a bad sniper when... · 9:34pm Feb 19th, 2014

>1 kill.

>258 shots fired.

... :facehoof:

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1853705 Wouldn't know for that game, but I used to no scope snipe on halo which was pretty easy.:derpytongue2:

Ew planetside

1853724 My issue, is that the faction I play has issues with doing damage at range. Our sniper rifles are mid-ranged weapons.

If you note, I've got a 20% accuracy rating.

... Because I'd flail around, shooting rounds at an enemy, and just like... not kill him. Even after three or four shots. Admittedly, none of those shots hit the head, but my gun shoots balls of plasma, not bullets. In addition to leading the shot, I also had to deal with incredibly massive projectile dropping as my plasma rounds lose momentum and land on the ground twenty feet in front of the people I'm shooting at. It was rather... frustrating, to such a point I just rolled Engineer, and ran around with a shotgun. :trixieshiftleft:

Of course, the one time I did get a headshot, it actually killed the guy, yay.

... And then I proceeded to miss several dozen times.


I can have a crossbow and plasma shotgun, this is the only reason I need to play this game.

1853750 other then the shooting, and headshot parts, I didn't understand any of that :derpytongue2:

1853759 Think of it like a slingshot, not a sniper rifle.

... A semi-automatic slingshot.

1854021 You should see my stats for my other weapons.

do I dare ask?
Or would it melt the fps par of my brain?



I'll go SC my other weapons stats for you~.

You get to see how many people I've killed with 2k+ shots fired.



Trixeffable fires large amounts of giant explosive plasma balls... For some reason it's incredibly difficult to actually hit things with it.


See? I don't do thaaat badly.


... Let's just saaaay. I don't like assault rifles.


In fact. Let's just pretend that I really, really hate the terrain around enemy soldiers.


My pistol accuracy rivals that of my sniper rifle!


Unsurprisingly, it's not that hard to hit people with shotguns.


Gun turrets on the other hand...


Funfact: I got four kills with one grenade. Which means only two grendes I've thrown in this game killed people.

... People that aren't my allies or myself, or vehicles.


Oh come on, my aim isn't that bad is it? :twilightblush:

Having not played Planetside2, which is what I've gathered it is from the comments, I am unfamiliar with the shooting and gameplay in that.

But compared to what I get on Battlefield Bad Co. 2 on a good day.......

1854380 Well, I'm Vanu. So, our guns basically have no recoil and bullet drop. On the flipside, the actual effectiveness of our weapons becomes crap past 3-6 meters. In comparison to other factions.

Otherwise, they mostly handle like any normal weapon would in Battlefield or SOCOM.

N-Nothing...your aim's fine. Honest!:twilightblush:

1854497 :heart:


We should game together. :duck:

I don't have a good enough pc for games of this nature.
I game on the 360

I do not possess:applecry:

Am well aware of that fact.
The problem is getting around to actually getting it.


If you play, I'll play with you. :heart:

Just think how awesome it would be!

t'would be very awesome.
Might look into downloading it when I have a day off.

1855847 I'm not interested in Sniping. I'm interested in support as a Engineer/Medic, which I seem to do fairly well as.

If I go Infiltrator, I like to scout enemy positions, spread chaos, and distract to give friendlies an easier time invading. I don't really like to sit on a hill and line up headshots all day.

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