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Who wants a free copy of Portal and Portal 2? · 3:12am Feb 19th, 2014

Was doing some writing earlier. Took a break to do a few hours of Planetside. Grind my way towards a shotgun. Log off, and what do I see...

For whatever reason, I got Portal and Portal 2 on my account. No message to indicate who sent them... buuuut, I've already got both games in my account. On top of that, neither is on my Wishlist.

So I have some spare, spontaneously existing Portal games sitting around.

Ignore the YOGSCAST in the background, fright night helps me get into the writing mood, for obvious reasons. The game

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Comments ( 13 )

:facehoof: I already have both.

Could I have those? Please?

I'd take them....if I had a steam account...

I would like them very much plz :pinkiesad2:

The game

Fuck! I lost!

Look at you, so easily giving away games. I've been stuck with three copies of Payday that none of my friends seem to want.

1850835 Oh no! It's Candle Ja

1851232 I can think of a few people who'd want payday.

I'd say I was one of them, but I own it, only played once, and am both to newby to Co-op, and find the AI partners far too frustrating to play with.

I could only do something with Portal 1. I already have the second one for PS3 and on Steam.:rainbowkiss:

Well, if you're still up to giving a copy away~ :rainbowwild:

I seem to be behind on the whole portal one though... :I

>The game


Funny. I just torrented those two.

I also torrented Half Life 1 and 2, and Counter-Strike, and pretty much all the valve company games.

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