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AAR Chapter 9 Release · 6:52am Feb 16th, 2014

So... Chapter 9 is done. Should I release it this Monday already or should I wait until Chapter 10 is completely finished as well? (It might take another two weeks)

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Not sure why you'd want to wait. Each chapter is already pretty lengthy on its own. Would you have a reason to do so?

Well... that's what I promised last Author's Note. And i actually plan on doing that as to not try and hang the reader to another long cliffhanger now that Chapter 9 is the climax.

1840434 Well, fair enough then. Another two weeks isn't long to wait.

Moar waiting?
May as well wait though, have some insurance.

nah, leave us dangling by a killer cliffhanger thread one more time lol

Well, I would like to read it right away but that's just me being greedy.:scootangel:

On the one hand... I'm so excited for chapter 9 that I can't wait and want it right here, right now...

On the other hand... The wait from chapter 9 to 10 might just KILL me...

I can't decide! D:

Release them together.

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