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Applejack is best pony~~

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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    "Oh, she is soooo delicious.

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Happy Valentine's Day! · 4:52am Feb 15th, 2014

"Oh, she is soooo delicious.

Her cutie mark is like candy.

Her coat is like honey, I just want to lick it.

She looks luscious, like chocolate, but juicy, like a grape.

I want to eat her…

And eat chocolate covered grapes for dinner every night.”


How did you spend YOUR Valentine's Day?

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Alone and content.

1836072 Power to you ^_^

This is just

Thank you...

Reading pony and snuggling with Rainbow Dash. :rainbowderp:

One, freaking love this entry. Two, I ended up cleaning all day so my family could come home to a clean house for V-Day. But! I did party and clean to some good ol' brony music. And I got to spend a couple of hours talking to my friend who I haven't seen in a couple of months. I would say it was a good day. Not the best but not the worse!

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Wife dressed up as AJ for today. We both called into work n stayed home all day. Giggity:ajbemused::ajsmug::yay:

1836080 You're welcome ^_^

1836086 Aww, snuggling with Rainbow Dash sounds comfy.

1836087 Aww, thank you! Thought about it when my husband mentioned we should buy chocolate covered grapes and post it on FIMfiction for today. (They are impossible to find, but maybe I could make them...hmmmm...) And good days are awesome. I spent practically the whole day with my hubby...though most of it was working and shopping and picking up stuff. =/ Then fondue ^_^

1836179 Sounds like a perfect day!

This is just epic XD

This is either the creepiest ting ever or the best ting ever
I love it:rainbowwild:

1836714 In her defense, she was drunk when she was saying it.

1837068 =( We could atleast get you a body pillow with an Applejack pillowcase.

1837745 sounds healthy =/

I took my fiancée to the Sherlock exhibit at COSI, we had the valentine's special at California Pizza Kitchen, and then we went to see The Lego Movie. I know, we're very classy people. :derpytongue2:

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