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That new art · 5:52am Feb 14th, 2014

The new pic Megasweet drew on his stream last night is up. Find it on his tumblr page, or on Derpibooru. Just do a tag search for 'Twilight's Midnight Violations'.

Also, I might be working on Chapter 12....


Comments ( 10 )

Searched and cannot find it :c

Check your tag filters and make sure you don't have 'explicit' filtered out. You may need to log in for them to show up in search.

found it, love it, still wishing for another chapter.

Dat chapter, where is it??!111!!

1833200 WHERE IS THE TRIGGER???777

Chapter 12 could be a... a thing? Like, a real thing?

My day just got a little brighter.:raritystarry:

Well, while I wait for Chapter 12, I'll pass the time by finally doing a review of your lovely story, got some new motivation to do it lately, plus I need a brake from my story writing.

On a side note, it gives me a good excuse to read this story over again.

Edit: also, I saw both new pictures, my favorite of course was the one of the other Applejack and Twilight scene, where they finally get back together. such a powerful scene.

Heh, nice. I look forward to reading your review.
And yeah, I was starting to wonder if maybe that one chapter was all anyone liked about my story XD Nice to see there's at least a few people out there who think the other scenes have merit to them.

Also, I'm mulling over the last part of chapter 12 in my head, because it sets things up for the next chapter, and decides the direction for the final parts of the story, so it's taking a bit longer.

Understandable, take all the time you need.

Hell yes. You have no idea how nice it is to know this story isn't abandoned. You go gurl!

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