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Sweet! · 4:14am Feb 13th, 2014

News Flash! (no, not Sentry, he's already been stabbed).
Megasweet be drawing some Futa-Twi from my story.
Head on over if you know the link for his Livestream (not sure if that counts as a NSFW link or not, so I won't link it here).

Comments ( 4 )

Too bad that doesn't equate to new chapters :ajsleepy:

In all honesty, dood. While I would like more chapters of Twilight strugglign to want to impregnate everymare in Equestria, I don't mind getting some Futa-Twi pics, dood.


What they said. If you need some help with writing, I'd be willing to lend a hand.

I am impassive about the chapters current release rate or lack thereof. Not to say I wouldn't be happy to see one, but I'm not exactly blue in the balls waiting for one, ya'know?

Not that you particularly care. Authors have told me they like feedback no matter what it says (nicely), so I've taken to typing some weird shit.

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