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  • 370 weeks
    looking for voice actor(s) for Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

    I have an amazing friend who is looking for voice actor(s) of Vinyl Scratch (Dj pon3) and Octavia so if any of you can do either, or both, of those voices or know someone who can, please send a message to UniqueSKD and specify the voice you, or other person, can do.

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  • 374 weeks
    ignore the white

    my avatar may or may not be white just ignore it since I may or may not have made my OC about 2000 by 2000

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  • 396 weeks
    pokemon x's shot out to bronies

    found this late at night... damn I'm glad they made this

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  • 398 weeks
    [no title]

    plaaaaay meeeeeeee..........
    best elephant rave, eva... or only elephant rave eva... IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!

    ... that moment you die on the last lazer fml

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  • 400 weeks
    And as it turns out, I can't leave the fandom

    Hello once again my fellow bronies! I Uhh kinda missed the fandom so I decided to come back with something I drew in seven hours

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What am I leaving now? · 12:04pm Feb 8th, 2014

My Little Pony, the show that if you like, you be defined as a "brony" so my question is: why do we name ourselves something compared to say... someone who watches Dragon ball? They don't call themselves "brayen's"... do they? But that's not what this blog is about no no no, this is about me sort of leaving the fandom for a while. I don't know how long for sure but all I can say is that school for the next 2 years is gonna need to be paid attention to since this could determine my job and stuff. And I also apologies to the brony gamer since I have been working on his oc for a while now and this will cause a fairly big delay. sooo yeah bye every one I'll see you whenever I decide its been long enough to sort of get a grasp of my brain because at the moment in music my mind is just shooting amazing ideas for songs and stuff and then when it comes to having to play the instrument I just sit there and think 'what did he say to do?' sooo yeah good bye and keep bronying on with out me!

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Ok... if you feel this is what ya need ta do then ah wont force you ta stay, but all be awaiting your return.

Take care and good luck:twilightsmile:

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