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Tea · 6:17am Feb 7th, 2014

Gentle rain sopping
a princess waiting on a vertical log
twisted fiber binding the wrists
to a backwards hug.

O'er the post of forced waiting
a single shadow
of bat and reptile
catching the rain on a v-shaped tongue.

"I apologize that you waited."
And there was a chuckle in the slithering voice.
"I don'g begrudge you."
And there was the brave smile.

"But perhaps in your infinite time
ans sense of this being your place
you could, please, undo this yarn
and set the tea to boil?"

And there was a chuckle in the slithering voice.
"Snip the thick twine with scissors, see?"
And it was done.
"Come let us, milady, go to our tea."

"Such rudeness you humans have."
And there was a chuckle in the slithering voice.
"Strapping a teenager to a pole
and hoping the dragon will eat her, tsk, tsk."

"Am I not tasty?"
and she giggled at her host:
maze of disconcerting lines
built into gentle armor of scale.

"No, milady,"
and there was a wink in the slitted eyes.
"But you like me,
and friends aren't easy when you're
dagger-toothed and winged."

"So how long this time?"
"Oh, perhaps a week or so."
"Then suppose you need a new gown?"
"Oh, this old thing?"
and there was a giggle in the voice.
"No, t'was a rag in any case."

Lemon, sugar?
Something else in your tea?"
"Perhaps whiskey."

"Whisky and tea,"
came a terribly friendly laugh.
"So contradictory you humans:
race the heart and slow the mine."
"We're already slow of mind."

"So, what was the reason this time?"
"I'm a virgin still."
"Oh dear... when will you fix that?"
A delicate sip.

"When I find the time
and tire of winged company."
and there was a wink in the round-pupil eye.
"Or perhaps the pole you travel on?"
and, of course, the grin.

"More then?"
"Race the heart and slow the mind?"
"Only if there's whiskey."

"As my princess commands,"
and there was a smile on the long face.
"Just... one thing, if you please?"
"Same as always?"
"Please milady."
"Very well then..."

"Naught a knight in shining armor
you've my word."
And it was a good time to be at tea.

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