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  • 194 weeks
    Ask me a thousand things!

    Let's play a game!

    Ask me a thousand questions! I shall answer them truthfully within certain boundaries (meaning I won't pass out information too personal or stuff that's just nasty for the sake of nasty)!

    I look forward to your fascinating questions!

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  • 196 weeks
    I am Gnollreader.

    Hello, I am GnollReader.
    Until 2014, I wrote stories on fimfiction.. and then I didn't.
    Instead, the story of my own life needed my attention.
    And at this point it's finally standing on its own again.. it's a bit wobbly, it's patched and dented, but it's standing.

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  • 423 weeks
    I gots fanart!

    Big shoutout to DVAN56 for the first piece of fanart I received!
    If I had a list of things to accomplish, this would probably be on top.
    Share your comments or your own fanart if you wish!
    Have a nice day,

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  • 423 weeks
    I'm coming back!

    Good news, everybody!
    After three months of sickness, I'm finally getting better again. I'm starting to feel alive again! And that means I will start to get back to work on my fics again with full concentration; meaning that I will aim to return to full writing capacities soon! This should mean a rise in update frequencies... something I really want to return to.

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    The current state of affairs


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Concerning updates, a little promotion... also, Q&A · 1:16pm Feb 6th, 2014

Alright! Enough with the complaints! I'm working on updates! I am! Please understand that I am trying to update as many stories as I can but I also have a very busy schedule at the time while trying to correct other stuff and still working on my graphic novel nonetheless.
I really appreciate that you all like my stories, and there is nothing more I wish to do than see your happy comments. But writing takes time, even for me. Currently on my agenda of coming updates are; Store Clerk, The Watcher, Minion for the Night and the Janitor.
In the meantime, go read this if you've got spare time. I love it, and I hope you will too (Freaks Squeele)

Also, consider this an Q&A thread. Anything you want to know, feel free to ask.

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Do you like tea, and if so, what tea? I myself enjoy iced lemon, chia, green teas of many types and flavors, and many others.

How often do you eat pizza?

1802470 I like earl grey, but iced teas are neat in all flavors.

1802471 Strangely not that often.


If I may ask another question of you, do you find it strange that both questions that have been asked are related to food?

1802479 I am a bit confused at that, I admit. But hey, food is important.

How long have you been writing.
Did you have experience writing before you started on MLP fics?
Do you play any online games? (If yes, which)
What is your current occupation?
How old are you? (And if you are old) Do you have any children?

Well, I joined Nov 2012. So, since then.
The Reader was the first story I ever wrote. I read a lot of fics before that and seeing good, epic and bad fics, I can kind of thought to myself; I should be able to do that, lets give it try. My main goal for writing has since been to write things that haven't been done again and again, I simply tired of repetitve patterns (just look at all those HiE fics and you'll see what I mean.)
Currently, I play Neverwinter, though these days more for the fun of roleplaying ^^
Used to play a lot of Borderlands 2, though I gave that a pause at the moment.
Until the end of december, i worked as a physicist in a laser lab. Right now, I'm looking for a new occupation and trying to get back on my feet.
I'm 28, is that old? I often feel like its old... and no, I don't have kids.


You worked a physicist? You have just become even more awesome.

1802500 Cool! The combat seems a lot like Elder Scrolls Online (Beta servers are coming online tomorrow).
I hope you get a job soon, one that isn't too time consuming :pinkiesmile:

Will you be my Fimfiction waifu?

Where you get your ideas from? Like, what inspires you to go "Aha! That'll work as a story!" or do you just wing it? :twilightsmile:

What's your favorite fruit?
Paint a Q on your forehead before reading this next part of the comment, if you did so to the left, you're a good liar, if you did so to the right, the opposite is true.

Do you know where the word "squeele" comes from ?

1802544 I suppose so... though let me check on that word first, I'm a bit out off the lingo these days ^^

As for my story ideas... I don't really know. Sometimes I just come up with an idea, and I'll write it down if it seems ineresting enough. I try to work on different concepts, but I never know if they will bear fruits. The Watcher was originally meant as a one shot. So I guess I just wing it most times.

1802595 I like grapefruit... and I drew a little q, so what does it mean if it points down?

1802786 It means your brain is malfunctioning, welcome to the club!

Also, if you could go to Equestria but were forced to appear as a villain from a dead species, would you? You probably know how Xenophobic they are.¨

Also, "Minion for the Night" Don't you mean The Princess and her Flying Axe?

Awesome, know that feeling all to well.

Also, waifu.

Tis all shits 'n' giggles

As a villain? Bring it on! I'd probably have a lot of fun ^^
And yes, I mean the sequel.

1802796 Huh... so would that make me a Husbando?

1802797 On season 4 premier, did you excitedly jump up and down and say "Horsetimehorsetimehorsetime!" ?

True, but most simply use waifu when they're mucking about. :rainbowwild:

Believe it or not, it comes from an epic failure on the french VHS cover of some crappy '80s movie :

"À couper le souffle" means "breathtaking". Literally, it translates as "cut the breath", so, with the yellow font on yellow background, it now says "cut the squeele", which is nonsense, but sounds funny (or maybe painful ?) :pinkiehappy:

1802800 I was more like; "Uhhh... pretty colors!"

1802886 That's an awesome cover though... :rainbowlaugh:

1802890 I can see it now "Xenomorphs goes to Equestria in order to carefully enjoy observe the pretty startling colors."

You should read "Mutafukaz" if you like the "Label 619" comics. It's a good read ^^

1802900 Season four also brought the song, "We got hearts as strong as horses". ...Does that mean confusing them for horses no longer counts as an insult?

1802961 Yeah, me and my friend Jesper still say's it like insults, he had a minor freakout when the song started xD

1802968 Well if you still translate horse to whore then three little fillies singing they got hearts like hookers does tend to throw one of course ^^

Out of all your Stories. Which one have you personally had the most fun writing?

1803797 The deepest bonding... probably the Reader, then Souls Apart.

Which line in which story (your story) are you the proudest of?

1807039 The reader, chapter 27
A giant banana had just entered the room.
That line right there, I'd say. Took me forever to get that cliche into the joke i wanted; it even looks good by itself! ^^
What about you, which line from which story did you enjoy the most?

I just finished readying the whole comic and it was great do you know the days that they update it? or a English version to buy?

1809404 sadly i don't know, it's just one of the little gems I find every now and then.

1810302 The reader, I can't remember which chapter it was though.

I think it was when Scar and Purple went to Canterlot for dinner and scar said, "scar doesn't get it. How does ponies eat so little and get so fat?" :rainbowlaugh: probably didn't word that rightly, but I LOVED that line!

Never change man! Unless its for the best. I (and more than likely everyone else who reads your stories) love you man!:heart: (No homo) Good luck!

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