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    Help Needed

    Kriegor here...

    I'm in need of some help regarding Machine and Might.

    No editing skills required, I just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I warn you though, there'll be heavy, heavy spoilers.

    PM me your skype name if interested. Thank you.

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    Season Two is out!

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    Machine and Might: Season two on its way!

    It's happening oh lawd it's happening

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    Machine and Might: Season two?

    I don't even know at this point, but part of me wants to continue the original M&M, switching it to incomplete and just keep writing from where I left off.

    A lot has changed in my mind, I have a lot of new things I could put out there.


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    Chapter Posted

    Go check it out!

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Having Issues (Yet Again) · 11:40pm May 12th, 2012

Oh joy, my computer broke down once again. Basically, the thing had a shit fit and is now refusing to even start. I'm wondering if spending all of that money in fixing it was even a good idea.

A little voice in my head is telling me to pour a galon of kerosene* on it and just put it out of its misery, and put ME out of MY misery as well.

Needless to say, I lost a bunch of my writing. All I have now are a few rough drafts on gdocs, and gdocs sometimes doesn't even work on this notebook. Plus, I'm now stuck with this eye-straining screen.

All of my rage, all of it.

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I'm sorry to point out a flaw in your plan to incinerate your computer but diesel doesn't burn outside of an engine :facehoof: It's is basically impossible to light it as mythbusters demonstrated with a blow torch. You're better off with kerosine or petrol :trollestia:.

112240 Huh, well.

The more you know.

Have you tried taking out the hard drive and putting it into another computer as a secondary/tertiary? Unless the hard drive is physically damaged, you should be good to go.

112274 The problem with that is that I don't have another computer.

At least, none that I will willingly work on.

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