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  • 314 weeks

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I'll keep a long and uninteresting story short. I needed a break, not really from writing, but from life in general. Writing was just one of the many things that had taken a seat during my reprieve. However, things have been getting better over the past two months and I think the time I've taken to myself has been more than long enough. I understand if some of you may

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  • 371 weeks

    I didn't want to make a new blog post ever again, seeing as it was at 117 blog posts :P Anyways, I have an update ready to go for chapter three of the Guardian rewrite. I also wanted to mention that I have taken the chapter title from chapter two and am giving it to chapter three instead, as chapter three did not get as far as I intended.

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  • 379 weeks

    Hey guys and gals! Requiem here. I just spent my first night here at the University of North Dakota. The transition is going well, my roommate and I get along, and my schedule looks ok. The campus is pretty and there's lots to do, especially shopping, in Grand Forks. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the winter though. Snow is something I'm used to as a Minnesotan, but the legendary wind

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  • 382 weeks
    Well, This Sucks

    Uh, I was all set to update tonight when suddenly...

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  • 384 weeks

    You can expect to see this published sometime today :)

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Apologies · 2:53am Feb 2nd, 2014

Hey guys. Sorry that I didn't deliver the promised chapter. I was busy but I could have made more of an effort to deliver. But I was lazy XD This brings me to my next bit of news. *Ha "bit". Punny XD* I had begun working on the chapter the other day while thinking up some more slice of life to cram between important events when I realized I needed to extend my previous chapters so that I wasn't rushing the story. Sorry if this was an obvious problem right from the beginning. I'll just place the blame of my fault on the fact that I'm a new writer. So I have begun work on rewriting my previous chapters. This will take some time but I feel that it will be worth it. Other news: I've got two other stories I'm working on. They won't be posted until I'm near the end of the Guardian. I've yet to decide upon the titles. That's all for now. Thanks for sticking with me and tolerating my few weeks of laziness XD Req out!

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