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Reading Fallout: Equestria live for a year · 5:17am Jan 31st, 2014

Okay, it's only 42 weeks but I'm gonna do it.

I used to host a short little weekly fan fiction reading where I would read popular fan fiction I'd never read before, called Rainy Readings. It never really took off, but it got a few viewers before I shut it down for personal reasons. I'm going to do one last run, but the fan fiction this time is the monstrous Fallout: Equestria by Kkat. So, I'm breaking it up into 15k word chunks to spread it out over 42 weeks. yay. You can all have fun and join in every Sunday on my stream channel: justin.tv/bleedingraindrops
The stream this week will start at 1pm EDT (That's 18:00 UTC for those of you who aren't American.)
current time in UTC

I'll make a new blog post every week, so everyone can be informed. I figured I'd post this here so people who want to hear my voice can. Except it's not my natural voice. It's my best impression of a friend of mine from West Virginia, US. One of my old viewers suggested it.

Here's my thread on ponychan if you want to check it out.
Hope to see at least some of you there.

Spread the word. This is a huge undertaking.

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Comments ( 5 )

What time will you be streaming (and what time zone)? Also, will you be reading it in the stream or reviewing it?

Just gonna read it this time. I got too focused on reviewing the stories and they lost their appeal. I'm gonna do my best to just read it, and maybe react when something is amusing or envokes strong emotion.
Haven't decided on a time, but I traditionally provide a UTC time with the following link: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx

oh, hey. Did I say I was gonna post the time? I'll probably start the stream around 1pm tomorrow

Ah, the old podcast days. That was a great time. Had a lot of fun. Too bad all but one show got shut down. We had some good content on the five or so shows that popped up on the listings.

It's a shame, too. You have talent for speaking.

heh, thanks. Shame I had to ditch this. It was wearing out my voice and I had absolutely no listeners. Plus OBS kept making broken files so I couldn't upload anything. I think I'll try some fandom VA roles and such. Voice work is a lot of fun, and it's half the reason I used to do those videos. Here's hoping I get somewhere. Oh, and thanks for all your support. :scootangel:

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