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http://squiby.net/adoptions/ I'm a young inexperienced writer who loves APPLEDASH!!

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    I made some OCs today. Don't know if the second one is very good but I love the first one. I hope I didn't make them Mary Sue ish but here they are

    Prince Probus "Ebony Star"

    Changelling Male

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    Ok regarding a Valley of Apples: I'm booked up playing video games and reading so that will come next week. I also need a vote: who is more likely to become evil and who is more likely to become severely depressed and who is more likely to become insane.

    Pinkie Pie

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OC's!! · 9:00pm Jan 28th, 2014

I made some OCs today. Don't know if the second one is very good but I love the first one. I hope I didn't make them Mary Sue ish but here they are

Prince Probus "Ebony Star"

Changelling Male

Prince Probus is a young Changeling prince who refuses to steal love. He harbored a distrust for his kind since he was young, making his mother Chrysalis furious. He now lives in Ponyville under a guise and currently has a job as a weather pony. He is also OBSESSED WITH PEANUT BUTTER! He will eat it on anything! From apples to love. He'll even eat it plain!

His real form is like his mother, but much more muscular. He has a bright turquoise mane and tail, that unlike any changeling before, are hole free which contributed to his being kicked out. He has always been blind in his left eye which is a cloudy lavender. His other eye is a bright lavender that looks like cadences. In his true form, he never has his wings or horn look different that a normal pony's due to the fact that his harness is so crooked and his wings and so hole ridden that e can't fly. His guise isn't to different than his normal form, he still has purple eyes with the left one blind, he still is jet black, but his horn is hidden and his mane and tail are blood red with turquoise streaks. His cutie mark is a shattered heart encompassed by a rainbow, showing his true nature and his new life.

He is extreamly talented in rainbow making and his changeling nature makes it possible to sense emotions. He got it while making a rainbow for his long time crush Sunset Glow when they were fillies. She was always bullied relentlessly for her appearance. The day he came to Ponyville he saw her standing by ghastly gorge getting ready to jump. Being the only changeling with a known heart, he walked up to her and asked her whats wrong. When she told him, he made her wait there and he quickly made a rainbow that encompassed both of them, healing her shattered heart and showing her his true form by accident. After calming her and showing her that she wasn't alone, his cutie mark appeared in his true form and in his guise making him the only changeling that this has even happened to.

Mabaya "Sunset Glow"

Threstling female

Sunset is beautiful by either species standards. Her mother was a threstal or bat pony who was impregnated by a changeling drone. She was left at the door step of Fluttershy's cottage where she lives with. She is extraordinarily shy to everyone except for Ebony and is ridiculed by almost everyone else. She has a job at the library and is privately schooled by multiple royalty figuers because of her strange nature and her fear of school. Princess Twilight tutors her is every subject barring flight or magic, she does ok, and in our standards would be a c and b student in everything except for Equestrian Species History in which she holds an A. The lunar guards teach her flight once a week and she is considered below average like her adoptive mother. She is tutored in magic by her crush Prince Probus or Ebony Star due to the fact they are both changelings.

Sunset is a a bright orange alicorn like creature. Her wings are bat wings from her mother and become darker the closer to the tips. Her horn is black like her fathers and is crooked. Her eyes are the weirdest, her left is bright green with a slit pupil while her right eye is just cyan with no white or pupil. She can see, but very poorly. Her mane and tail are a mix of dark green and turquoise with holes at the bottom. Her hooves are fine, but alittle weak due to being brittle. Her cutiemark is an open book with threstal wings and a changling horn that shows her nature and her great memory for Equestrian Species History.

She received her cutiemark in a non exciting way. She won first prize on a nationwide test for ESH which was ment for scholars on Twilights level when she was still young.

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