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Ineffable's thoughts on Blueblood potential. · 10:47pm Jan 27th, 2014

I don't really get into the entire 'Blueblood is an asshole and that's his entire character' thing. When I saw Blueblood, I saw an oddly effeminate, insecure male obsessed with his image. Which makes sense with the fact that the fact that there is a pronounced social difference between civilians and royalty, regardless of how minor. It just generally doesn't show much as most of the interaction we see is between Celestia and Twilight, which is the exception rather than the rule. It does bring up an interesting point however, especially if we consider the possibility of Blueblood being transgendered: He seemed completely oblivious to Rarity's advances, he was incredibly effeminate when caught off guard or surprised. While otherwise focused on, oddly, keeping a masculine image.

Issues with sexual identity, and orientation are big enough for the average person, but for a prince? It could totally be an underlying reason for his canon attitude. Dealing with the inherit conflict between his royal requirement to present a strong, confident, masculine image and his internal desire for a more... female identity. If we follow the implications of Caramel being a potentially canon transgender--Appearing as a stoic stallion the same size as big-mac, then again as a rather depressed looking average stallion, then as a rather cheerful mare in a top hat. General interpretation is that they are either identical triplets, or it's a transgender pony since they never appear together--Then that would imply that there's a bit of social bias against it. Something that would multiply drastically the second someone like Blueblood attempts the same due to his position on the social ladder. I have no doubt that Celestia is aware of this, at least. She doesn't come across as the sort who would let a relative be an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Being in an unfortunate situation that he's insecure in, on the other hand would be a fairly different game. Especially with her, "You get to do this on your own while I just sit in my bedroom" mentality she generally shows when interacting with Twilight.

I think this idea would lead to a rather intriguing Blueblood with conflicting personality traits and the potential for rather complicated romance inherently linked to his character development. Also, ya know, Female Blueblood is kind of adorable.


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Comments ( 12 )

I'm pretty sure almost all the stallions in Equestria look good as mares.


Most stallions in Equestria aren't recognized by most of the fandom. :rainbowderp:

1766069 True. I'm guilty of that myself from time to time. Most of the R63's I like are indeed the mare version of a stallion.
Can't really fault the fandom for that though. There aren't really any developed male characters in the show for us to love.


Under the same logic, there's no reason for the fandom to like Vinyl, Octavia, Lyra, etc.

1766091 Also gotta keep in mind that most of this fandom's members are heterosexual males from their late teens to early 20's. They're just prone to paying more attention to the females.

1766098 I don't think that's an also. I think it's the exclusive reason. :facehoof:

1766129 ...
Damn, now I feel stupid. Where is my brain today?

That Blueblood has the potential to be an interesting character, I knew.

The transgendered part... that I did not think of. Or want to.

I'm far past that range.


Also gotta keep in mind that most of this fandom's members are heterosexual males from their late teens to early 20's. They're just prone to paying more attention to the females.

I want to portray Blue in a good light in my story. Of course, he'll have to remove his "mask" in order for that to happen. Looks like I have some deep characterization to work on!

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