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  • 341 weeks
    Steve Wright

    No pain no game.

    No rhymes no moronic generalizations.

    No air intake no smart comments to make.

    No hands free no groin protection.

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  • 363 weeks
    Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

    The movie was released today and in only selected theaters. One of which was about an hour and I went to go see it, just because. I didn't see the first one In theaters, I did what and financially dependent brony would do and watch it on YouTube. This time I thought I would see Rainbow rocks In theaters, just for kink's. This movie has single handedly become mu favorite thing that is MLP EVER!

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  • 367 weeks
    Theme Songs For Ponies #2

    This one's for Rainbow Dash. This one was difficult, in fact very difficult. I couldn't find a song that truly express Rainbow's headstrong and go to attitude. So, i'm split between 2 songs for her. As such here's the first one:

    Trapt- Headstrong


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  • 371 weeks
    Your Human And You?

    Recently Your Human And You has become quite popular with spinoffs from it. I have to say I feel inspired somewhat to write one. But, I feel that just a normal introverted intelligent human mistaken for a dumb animal isn't really that fun anymore. It's kinda like an overused joke already. The only way for a YHAY story to seem different is basically character wise. I've seen one where it was a

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  • 379 weeks
    Theme Songs for Ponies #1(With PMV)

    I went on a quest to find song that would fit the personality of the Character

    Today's Character: Queen Chrysalis

    Song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

    Why: The name itself kinda fits.

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My family can take a joke! · 6:03pm Jan 26th, 2014


Nuff said...

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Comments ( 15 )

Um is that Pinkie or Pinkamina?

1761585 Does the blood give it away?

1761675...Yeah it's Pinkamina though how did they put it there while keeping it in the box?

1761679 They told me, they took it out, pressed the nylon hair down and put red paint on her. Then put her back in it and used invisi-tape on it. If were one to see it without looking hard, you wouldn't notice.:pinkiecrazy:

1761721 Indeed, say do you Like Disturbed?

1761774 Sorry to say I've never heard of them. Or at least I think I haven't heard of them. Not sure

1761783 Just wondering. I'm making a fic based around a ponified version of Their Mascot.

1761794 Well with a name like Disturbed I'm guess the fix will be *puts on sunglasses* disturbing

1761805 Lol, its a heavy metal band.

1761844 Had to do a joke about the name. I don't really know any heavy metal bands

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