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A thirtysomething Brony from Pennsylvania with a library degree. I also have a Patreon.

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    Update (Without excuses this time!)

    Guess what? I'm done writing the next chapter of Manifesto.

    I just need to give my prereaders a day or two to look over it, and then it'll go up.

    Until then, here's Despacito being played on a guzheng.

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    Hey, everyone.

    I've somehow gotten out of the habit of posting updates. Oops.

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    In case you missed my last blog post, I'm taking a break from the adventures of Celestia and Daring Do to write the next Petriculture story. At this point it looks like it'll be fairly short -- about two chapters long -- and I recently finished up the first chapter, which will be posted once my prereaders give it a final once-over.

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    Okay, so here's what's going on with me.

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So... Chapter Titles · 12:37am May 11th, 2012

I've wanted the chapters of Wild, Sweet & Cool to have since I started writing it. The problem was, I had no idea how many chapters there would be, and I wanted all of the chapters to be named after songs by The Crystal Method, which meant that had a somewhat limited supply to begin with. But, now that I've got a fairly good idea of how many total chapters there will be (10, plus one epilogue, unless one or more of the remaining three ends up being so long that it justifies being split up), I can finally implement them. There isn't necessarily a particular reason for each title---they just all felt right to me.

You like/dislike/don't care?

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Honestly? I probably wouldn't have even noticed if you didn't point it out. :rainbowwild:

I will love and tolerate your eccentricities as long as the quality of reading you have thus far provided does not suffer. :twilightsmile:

In my opinion, however, limiting one's self to just one band seems a bit overdoing it... :duck:

109116 Well, the entire story was inspired by listening to their music during a particularly boring day at work.

I only wondered if the chapter names reflected how the chapters would go. They did seem like song titles occasionally.
All it really does personally is introduce me to more music:twilightsheepish:

personally I dont really care what you name them, as long as you avoid "spoiler" titles.
On some storys on this site you can figure out the whole plot by just looking at chapter names :facehoof:

A personal habit of mine is to use song titles or lyrics, but I write while listening to music, so your mileage may vary. Alternately you can just randomly throw an adjective and a noun together. Could be fun right?

You are awesome.

Personal picks based on relevance:

1 Born Too Slow
2 High Roller
3 Busy Child
4 Comin' Back
5 Weapons of Mass Distortion
6 Jaded
7 Bound Too Long
(8 Divided By Night)

Well, "Born Too Slow" was given to chapter 6 because of the lyric about "you look at pictures the wrong kind don't know you'll be turning blind (yeah yeah yeah oh)," which I'm 90% certain is about porn, and thus quite applicable to the chapter's subplot. Although, I suppose if you took the song title out of context, it would work well for the first chapter.


I definitely see that.
I went with Jaded for the "think about the good things that I did to you; and think about the bad things that I didn't do"
Either way, I love musical relevance. Music is the only thing I like over fiction.

...Now I'm wondering what kind of naughty chapter Double Down Under would imply...

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